Article: Transformation is not version 2.0

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Transformation is not version 2.0

Transformation creates the future and has the potential to create huge value for an organization. But one in three CEOs says their organizations have failed to achieve the value they anticipated from previous transformation initiatives. Why?
Transformation is not version 2.0
In the words of Dan Schulman, CEO, PayPal Inc, “The biggest impediment to a company’s future success is its past success.”  Organizations, most often, become victims of legacy and bask in the glory of a previous accomplishment, often ignoring the fact that success is no different from an unfaithful mistress that favors from time to time, only the boldest and the strongest. Such organizations are forced to react to the inevitable external factors that demand a sudden change. Change fixes the past. But, such remedial interventions leave the organization with zero or incremental results. Transformation demands metamorphosis and is about leaving behind the past to create a new future and not get obsessed or complacent with the existing norms Transformation creates the future. It has the potential to create huge value for an organization. While both Change and Transformation are progressive in nature, they are fundamentally different in their approaches. Transf...

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Agility is not just about creating things. It's also about ruthless prioritization, managing risk, and knowing when to stop. Leaders require the competencies to envision the big picture, anticipate trends, and enable their organizations to act with agility and speed, organizations need to build such competencies in them. So how can organizations create this shift in leaders- moving from traditional to being agile leaders?

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