Article: HR consultants should expand recruitment partner role: Satya Sinha

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HR consultants should expand recruitment partner role: Satya Sinha

Satya D. Sinha, CEO, Mancer Consulting
HR consultants should expand recruitment partner role: Satya Sinha

Talent arbitrage is a major issue for most of the organizations, this phenomena is common to most of the countries irrespective of India. While 83% of Campuses claim that the fresher are job ready, best of colleges have employability as low as just 50%. Attrition is a big concern and MNCs are often surprised that people leave companies within six to eight months of joining. We feel talent analytics and talent segmentation is the key to improve the situation. HR Consultants need to partner with clients on talent segmentation & market intelligence, expanding from the role of being just a recruitment partner. The approach to talent is changing based on the new business dynamics, factors like niche hiring, multi skills, HR analytics and social networking are now becoming more relevant. We need to provide clients with market intelligence and the data for why and whom they should be hiring and what are the emerging technologies they need to consider. The shift is clearly from recruitment to consulting and domain expertise.

Note: The print version carried the incorrect quote, kindly refer to this as final.

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