Article: A CHRO's reflection on the CEO wishlist

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A CHRO's reflection on the CEO wishlist

HR leaders have often been accused of hiding behind processes and CEOs are often frustrated by their unwillingness to trade process for agility. While this seems to be a common belief, it does not always hold true
A CHRO's reflection on the CEO wishlist
If there is one thing that a CEO could ask of the leaders, it would be this – “Start with the customer in mind!” As people who are accountable for driving the long-term strategies and increasing shareholder value, CEOs today need their leadership teams to work towards driving ‘good customer outcomes’, which alone can drive business results. Any other approach seldom adds value in the long-run, if not erode it. For instance, if an Operations process improves internal efficiency of the department and may make the scorecard look good, but in doing so, increases the burden on the customer, then is it really a step in the right direction? Most CEOs will tell you it isn’t. The expectation is same of CHRO as well. Whether it is talent strategy or a new learning program, the first parameter to judge it must be how it will help enable a better experience for the customer. At Aviva for instance, learning, driven through gamification, is being used to furthe...

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Agility is not just about creating things. It's also about ruthless prioritization, managing risk, and knowing when to stop. Leaders require the competencies to envision the big picture, anticipate trends, and enable their organizations to act with agility and speed, organizations need to build such competencies in them. So how can organizations create this shift in leaders- moving from traditional to being agile leaders?

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