Article: Silicon Valley summer interns earn more than average American salary

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Silicon Valley summer interns earn more than average American salary

As we all know, Silicon Valleys CEOs are amongst the best- paid employees globally. But what we dont know is that interns working in Silicon Valley earn higher than the average salary of the country.
Silicon Valley summer interns earn more than average American salary

This revelation came after Rodney Folz, a former Berkeley student, posted a survey on Twitter listing salaries of interns given by top companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple. The salary benefits and other data were collected by Folz through an anonymous online survey. He received avid response from the interns in good numbers working with various technology giants.

 He is planning to release the raw data. Bloomberg, Business Insider and other media cross- checked the stats by contacting tech companies listed in the survey. The fast check showed similar results with few minor discrepancies. 

Most of the data collated by Folz is obtained from Glassdoor which has its own intern – tracking tool. As per Glassdoor the average annual salary of an intern is about $33,120 – that can be earned in the span of three and half months; considering Folz’s survey.  

Rodney Folz himself is going to intern at Yelp soon. The point proven through his survey is that –an engineering trainee planning to intern at big tech company can easily earn median monthly salary of around $6,800. 

Rodney’s survey highlights that Twitter provides $8,400 per month and in addition benefits of around $6,000 ; on the other hand Snapchat gives interns opportunity to earn up to $10,000 every month and big dough of another $1,500 per month to cover housing costs of intern. Pinterest pays $9,000 per month. 

What was pleasantly surprising that besides paying hefty wages to intern, these tech-giants also take care of housing benefits and relocation charges. Needless to mention bucket loads of Red Bulls along with creative sprees like Frisbees and Ping-Pongs within company. 

This survey acts as useful insider knowledge for interns who can to negotiate better base salaries and choose companies wisely. 

Facebook pays jaw-dropping salary of $8,000 plus other benefits

As per last year's internship ranking on Glassdoor job site, Facebook earned first place.  It listed salaries between $6,400 and $7,500 per month, which is significantly higher than the average American wage of $3,800 per month. So when we calculate, for a period three of months (summer internships , Facebook interns can make up to $22,500; whereas in other companies interns can earn around $22,800 in six months. 

Not only does Facebook provides big bucks but also hands over lot of perks and benefits such as all travel allowance and rent-free apartment accommodation. 

According to published reports, Intern also get free food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Facebook's campus, theater performances, and Alcatraz tours and scavenger hunts. 

*Source – Rodney Folz Survey and Glassdoor 

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