Article: The 12C’s Approach to 
Talent Management Strategy

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The 12C’s Approach to 
Talent Management Strategy

Workforce Nationalization doesnt have to be an adversarial initiative if it is managed as a progressive strategic imperative and not as a cumbersome operational accommodation.
The 12C’s Approach to 
Talent Management Strategy
One of the most important initiatives undertaken by governments across the world is to ensure that the unemployment percentage of their working-age citizens remains low to ensure domestic harmony and a respectable international standing among the galaxy of nations. It features prominently in the economic agenda of current administrations and future aspirants. Generally, governments try to cultivate an increase in economic activities that boost the hiring of its citizens through favorable consequential factors, e.g., conducive tax breaks, infrastructure investments, robust law & order, education & skills enhancement initiatives, quality healthcare, astute societal integration, corporate-friendly monetary policies, leveraging cordial relations with other nations, etc. Such measures also attract foreign businesses that normally prefer to bring their own key management personnel as expats while hiring local team members at positions that are liable to be more risk-tolerant and opera...
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