Article: The Bravehearts- E-commerce wars


The Bravehearts- E-commerce wars

Talent from other industries and B-Schools are flocking to e-commerce companies, which will soon enter a phase of consolidation
The Bravehearts- E-commerce wars

The promise of a collegial work environment, faster growth opportunities, bigger incentives, and the freedom to carve one’s own career is helping to attract talent to e-commerce companies


Taking a leaf out of Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale fiasco, one can safely conclude that owning up to a mistake in today’s networked age is never a bad idea

Of the many battles fought, none of them were as pitched and fierce as the e-commerce battle of 2014. In the middle of this wolf fight, some remarkable achievements also inspired and set new standards. E-commerce will continue to be among the biggest newsmakers in the coming times. E-commerce funding reached new heights, brand battles got more intense than ever before and the flurry in the talent market was serious. Gartner estimates the India e-commerce market to grow 70 per cent between 2014 and 2015 and reach $6 billion. One of the key concerns with the e-commerce market in India is that service providers are so focused on execution and winning customers at this point that at many times, it comes at the cost of future vision. Mergers and acquisition activity is increasing, thereby increasing the scale and breadth of services and operations of individual players. At the same time, many challenges continue to plague the market, including low internet penetration, low volumes, and log...
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