Article: Business decisions have clear talent discussion today: Santrupt Misra


Business decisions have clear talent discussion today: Santrupt Misra

My top three HR priorities are to grow our talent, globalise our business and leverage global opportunities

As I have a dual role in ABG, 50 per cent of my goals are as Group HR head


As CEO of Carbon Black Business my top three HR priorities are, firstly, grow talent as our business grows; secondly, as we globalize our business succeed in leveraging the global opportunities by effectively managing the new challenges of diversity and culture integration, and thirdly, build capabilities in strategic areas that have been identified by the business strategy.
Most business decisions have a clear talent discussion today, for example, if we look at setting up an R&D center, a lot of the questions that the business will need to answer will be where we will get the people, how much we will need to pay them, how we will attract and retain them etc.

If you look at just pure HR, then the time might be 15 to 20% but if you also include the indirect discussion on talent that is crucial for business decision making which is another 15 to 20% of my time spent on people concerns.

As I have a dual role in ABG, 50% of my goals are as Group HR head. If you take my CEO goals alone, another 20% of those are talent-related goals. Mostly areas like development of leaders and development of organizational capabilities are strategic for the business.

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