Article: This Independence Day, let’s celebrate our fur-ever companions too!


This Independence Day, let’s celebrate our fur-ever companions too!

The inclusion of pets in offices can promote social interaction, collaboration, and productivity in the workplace.
This Independence Day, let’s celebrate our fur-ever companions too!

Every citizen in India will be proud and happy today, as we rightfully should be. For decades, we have celebrated our history, the contributions of our historic leaders, our rich culture, and the progress we have made along the way. Despite many differences, from tongue to cloth, we acknowledge that we’re all the same and we’re all together. Looking at India as a nation, one can honestly say there is unity in diversity. And now, we’re opening our arms to welcome a whole new version of diversity. 

Truth be told! The pandemic opened our eyes to the value of life. Out of this realisation was born a whole new generation of parents who chose to adopt, love, nurture, and cherish pets. This surge in pet parenting continues to escalate, propelling the pet care industry to unprecedented heights. Boomers are deepening their connection with pets, while millennials and Gen Zers are forging familial relationships with their animal companions. This profound attachment has flourished into a captivating reality, enriching the lives of both humans and animals alike.

On Independence Day, we often witness people keeping their differences aside and embracing what makes them one. Similarly, humans tend to let their guards down and allow their inner nurturers to fully be in the moment around animals. This is why we see pet parents as happier, healthier, less stressed, and better aligned with their emotions. Many organisations have also understood the importance of having the pawfect office buddy for all employees. The boundaries of work and life blur perfectly, paving the way for employees’ well-being, and a sense of autonomy with worthy alliances.

Having animals like cats and dogs at the workplace also encourages social interaction. This is also a great icebreaker for introverts, allowing for better collaboration and fostering a sense of community. Apart from having pets at the office, employers can embrace a pet-friendly policy, enabling employees to bring their beloved companions to work. This dual satisfaction of sharing a workspace with both pets and colleagues yields twofold benefits: amplifying productivity and fortifying trust in the employer. As workplaces have evolved from factory floors to co-working hubs, integrating pets seems a natural progression, destined to fuel innovation and propel growth. 

This Independence Day, let’s pledge to be better citizens by empowering individuals, organisations, and national growth. Let’s take a look beyond our computer screen and numbers, share a smile with a wagging tail, and extend our hands to rub happy bellies. Let’s open the doors in our offices to four-legged cosmic wonders who make everything vibrant and lively. Let’s thrive and have fur all over the place.

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