Article: Diversifying the boardroom


Diversifying the boardroom

At the People Matters-ACCA round table on Boardroom Diversity, leaders talked about challenges in diversity initiatives
Diversifying the boardroom

The absence or presence of women at various levels was what separated companies that were doing well in terms of revenue from those that weren’t


The more ambiguous the organization’s performance expectations are, the more difficult it is to be flexible with your resource

There are at least 20 women Presidents and Prime Ministers in the world, with seven of them from the Commonwealth Group of countries. It is rather unfortunate that we don’t see this kind of diversity at the workforce even though there is a perfect business case for it as diversity not only impacts the business but also the community. Even many studies have proven the effectiveness of women in the workforce and how by being in the senior management they contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the Board decisions. But, all these developments have not led to a dramatic increase in the number of women in the workforce. People Matters and ACCA organized a round table on the topic ‘Boardroom Diversity: Making it Possible’ in Gurgaon on June 25th at the Leela Ambience, which was attended by many HR leaders across the spectrum of industries. Lucia Real-Martin, Director, Emerging Markets – Asia, ACCA, was the keynote speaker. The round table discussion focused on...
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