Article: #25 Classic Stripes : Classic Commitment

Employee Engagement

#25 Classic Stripes : Classic Commitment

Respecting employees and empowering them to innovate keeps the company ahead of competition

Our children are invited to our office to show how we work and their drawings are printed on Diwali greetings which the company distributes


Classic Stripes ensures that no sort of monotony sets in and the job remains exciting for all, at all times


In our organization, our family members are also given importance. The company regularly organizes family get togethers, picnics, and drawing competitions for children. Our children are invited to our office to show how we work and our children’s drawings are printed on Diwali greetings which the company distributes.”

The above testimonial from an employee at Classic Stripes is enough to gather why this automobile graphic designing company features in the Great Place to Work® Institute’s Study. Launched in 1987 with un-trained non-matriculates, Classic Stripes today is, one of the largest manufacturers of automobile graphics in the world. At Classic Stripes, not only are employees respected and empowered to pursue innovation and work towards higher goals, they are also treated equally by binding them with a team spirit which generates a sense of commitment and loyalty towards the firm. Featured in the Great Place to Work® Institute’s Study for five consecutive years, it comes as no surprise that Classic Stripes has proved its mettle once again by being ranked #25 in the Great Place to Work® Institute’s Study and #4 in the Industry Category of Manufacturing & Production sector.

Sanjay Bhagat, COO, Classic Stripes replies with nonchalance when asked about the company’s recipe for success: “To tell you frankly, there is no recipe… It is a fair and simple principle – Trust the people and they will trust you; take care of your people and they will take care of you.” One of the most critical aspects at Classic Stripes is to ensure Total Quality Management of all its products. It therefore becomes imperative for the employees to be in sync and to adhere to the quality standards set by the company. Says Prafull Thakkar, Deputy GM – HR, “Our employees are periodically given technical and quality management training. To understand that employees are in sync with quality standards and adhere to requirements based on customer requirements, they are audited and measurement system analysis is carried out. Customer feedback on quality is part of the Continuous Improvement Program.”

Classic Stripes also ensures that no sort of monotony sets in and the job remains exciting for all, at all times. Explains Thakkar, “Ours is a labor-intensive Industry and many processes like Printing, Post-Printing, Inspection are manual jobs where large number of female employees are engaged. The job gets monotonous as every employee inspects approximately 4800 products per shift. The Quality Standards are so high that even a small dot missing in the print can lead to rejection.” To sustain high levels of concentration, Classic Stripes conducts cross-functional competitions like Highest Number of Defect Free Inspection, Break Records, et al. While the internal competitions motivate employees to achieve their targets with 100% defect free product clearance, Yoga and Stress Management Workshops by Art Of Living and Patanjali Yog Peeth organized every year, help employees to reduce their stress levels.

In its endeavour to reward employees for their long association with the organization, Classic Stripes gives tenure awards to its people on completion of a certain number of years of service. Cash rewards are also given to employees for giving valuable suggestions/ideas thereby encouraging employees to come up with fresh ideas. Apart from these awards, the company also rewards the star performers at the Annual Get-together. Classic Stripes has a profit sharing scheme for everyone. The monthly target achievements are announced organizationally and the incentive, which is a share of profit, is immediately disbursed along with the salary. An Employee Contributory Fund is raised in which every employee contributes a part of his/her salary to help other employees during any emergency, disablement or death. Company also contributes an equal amount to the extent of such funds collected by the employees. Today, the company employs a dynamic mix of old timers and new professionals from outside. And it is this team that is trying to institutionalize the core values of integrity, empowerment, passion and commitment practiced at Classic Stripes.

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