Article: #3 Intel Technology: An Intellectual Way of Life

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#3 Intel Technology: An Intellectual Way of Life

Intel India's value proposition of creating technology that touches peoples' lives has always had cosistent appeal

At Intel, we strive to ignite imaginations and enable positive change through our products with a goal of making people's lives better and more interesting


For a company that is not only the second runner up in the Great Place to Work® Institute’s Study, but also ranks #2 in the Industry Category of the IT sector besides being recognized as the Best Company for Women, Best Company for Work-Life Balance, Best Company for Leadership Development, and for Excellence in Corporate Special Responsibility in Special Categories, there need be no introduction. Intel India’s value proposition of creating technology that touches peoples’ lives has always had a consistent appeal for both, perspective as well as current employees. Without much ado, People Matters brings to you excerpts from an exclusive interaction with Praveen Vishakantaiah, Site President, and R. Anish, South Asia HR Director.
Why is Intel a great workplace? How critical is it for the company to be one?

Praveen Vishakantaiah: One of Intel’s six values is to have a great workplace, which reinforces the importance of employee relations as a key component of our success. We support this value by cultivating open and direct communications, rewarding and recognizing our people and investing in career development and leadership. We also continue to expand several initiatives like our award winning employee wellness program and other innovative programs/tools that employees can avail to balance their work and personal lives as per their individual needs.

How do you encourage and support innovation within the organization?

Praveen Vishakantaiah: At Intel, we strive to ignite imaginations and enable positive change through our products with a goal of making people’s lives better and more interesting. Innovation is one of the essentials of Intel’s continued success. We use recognition and reward programs, coaching and role-modeling by leaders, interactive forums to create a culture that supports risk taking and open exchange of ideas at every level of the organization.

What are the key initiatives for enhancing work-life balance among employees? What are the business requirements for these initiatives?

R. Anish: Work-life effectiveness includes organizational practices, policies, and programs that understand employee’s needs and provides programs that meet those needs. We have various initiatives enhancing work-life balance for employees such as flexible working options including telecommuting, broadband facility at home, part time work option and a rich leave program. ‘Sparsh’ is the umbrella brand for all the employee care programs that run at the site and we offer various cool events/programs in the space of Creative Interests and Fun, Health and Wellness, Life Needs and Sports onsite. The Intel India sites across all locations are open 24 hours and employees have the flexibility to work or utilize the site facilities according to their convenience. Also, offices are equipped with extensive facilities like onsite gym, clinic, ATM, mother’s room, concierge services, games room, Basket Ball Court, Volley Ball and Tennis court, flexi cubes, cafes, shuttle services throughout the day, convenience stores, and many others which make life much easier for our employees!

There is a conscious effort on diversity and inclusion with special programs for women. Can you elaborate on the same?

Praveen Vishakantaiah: At Intel, diversity is a way of life and it’s the key to our success as an innovative leader in technology. 28% of our global workforce comprises of women. We take great pride in the collective and individual talents, skills and contributions of our diverse employees and believe that our business accomplishments are a direct result of our worldwide diverse workforce. WIN – Women @ Intel Network is a formal platform for women at Intel India which anchors initiatives that foster personal and professional development of our women workforce. WIN events range from organizing career chats/round tables with visiting senior female executives, external speaker sessions and providing a platform for all women to network and discuss on various topics.

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