Article: All-inclusive: Strategies for elevating employee engagement and retention

Employee Engagement

All-inclusive: Strategies for elevating employee engagement and retention

These HR leaders foster all-inclusive well-being by creating a supportive culture, offering diverse wellness programs, implementing new initiatives, prioritizing work-life balance, and collecting continuous feedback through surveys.
All-inclusive: Strategies for elevating employee engagement and retention

By focusing on all-inclusive well-being, an organization aims to improve and enhance the engagement of its workforce, hoping to create an environment that encourages people to stay with the company rather than seek opportunities elsewhere. With this last piece, we complete the puzzle of 'talent retention through employee well-being' by bringing you successful strategies from top organizations.

How to initiate the all-inclusive well-being of employees?

Initiating the all-inclusive well-being of employees requires a comprehensive approach that addresses various facets of their physical, mental, and emotional health. The strategies employed by HR leaders will help make holistic well-being an impactful approach towards employee engagement and retention.

Adopting Best Practices, Open Culture, Safe Space and Acceptance 

“Our Members are at the heart of all people & related policies at Khaitan & Co. We acknowledge the inherent stress of the legal profession, which is why we aim to adopt world-class practices when it comes to the well-being of our members,” said Amar Sinhji, Executive Director of Human Resources at India’s leading law firm - Khaitan & Co. He further explained, “Anchored by ARISE, our DEI initiative, we have implemented a comprehensive approach to proactively address mental health and work-life balance. Our key initiatives include: 

  • Wellness Leaves for all health (including mental) concerns, 
  • Recuperation Leaves post-significant high-workload projects, 
  • Our 'Virtual Office' policy with the LexFlex model allows flexibility in working hours, reinforcing our commitment to tailored support for individual needs. We recently introduced a menstrual health leave, granting every member up to 12 paid days per calendar year for reasons related to menstruation, menopause, and associated challenges, with an auto-approval policy to ensure ease of access.
  • Our 'Minds over Matter' initiative encourages open dialogues, creating safe spaces for well-being discussions across organizational levels. Partnering with an employee assistance program provider ensures accessible counselling services. Additionally, collaborating with a leading leadership consulting firm during the pandemic, we offered Small Group Sessions to support our people in sharing coping strategies.
  • In the post-pandemic era, we've seen increased acceptance of mental health and well-being. Despite the inherent pressure in the legal profession, our programs have prompted open discussions and addressed mental health concerns, fostering more dialogue and widespread support across different organizational levels.”

“We continuously look for ways to enhance benefits to be globally consistent, inclusive, and market competitive, to meet the evolving needs of employees. ​Offering programs that support our colleagues is key to BNY Mellon being a leading employer of choice. ​​ Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we offer global policies which support our employees in their life moments – including enhanced New Parent Leave, Caregiver Leave and Bereavement Leave, as well as Work From Anywhere, which allows eligible employees to work from certain locations for two weeks each year. In light of the greater focus on mental health, we have built a network of Mental Health Champions (MHCs) who are specially trained employees that advocate for mental health awareness in the workplace, provide supportive listening and direct to more specialized resources like the Employee Assistance Program,” underlined Yash Mohan, Head of People Team of APAC & India at BNY Mellon.

“Ensuring the well-being of our employees is a key priority, and we have proactively implemented initiatives to enhance work-life harmony and mental health,” said Kishore Poduri- Managing Director and Country Head of HR at DBS Bank - India. He added successful initiatives at the bank:

  • “Aligned with our 'Best Being' Charter, our holistic approach addresses mental, physical, financial, and career well-being. Initiatives like iOK service, iFlex Wallet, and customised insurance options cater to diverse life stages. iOK provides professional counselling and local resources for stress, sleep, and focus.
  • Our flagship iFlex program lets employees earn points for insurance, wellness, gadgets, and lifestyle, empowering them to tailor their benefits.
  • For work-life harmony, our hybrid model offers up to 40% work-from-home, extended for six months for new parents and primary caregivers. This, along with initiatives like well-being workshops and 'Focus Fridays,' fosters a connected and thriving work culture in line with both organizational goals and employee well-being.”

Highlighting the effective strategies at Cleartrip, a company backed by Flipkart, Ajay Sreedhara, Head of HR said, “Our journey is powered by the exceptional contributions of our employees. We have cultivated a startup-like culture, emphasizing agility, innovation, and a sense of ownership. The dynamic nature of the tasks at hand keeps our workforce engaged, contributing to a positive work atmosphere that encourages personal and professional growth.” Adding:

  • In addition to traditional insurance, our flexible benefits plan lets employees customize their package based on unique needs, covering insured and non-insured benefits, medical emergency programs, life events, family assistance, and more. Our insurance even includes coverage for pets, emphasizing holistic well-being.
  • We embrace a 'work from anywhere' policy for a month, aligning with our travel-centric ethos and offering flexibility. This supports work-life balance, encourages creativity, and provides a sense of freedom.
  • Our Employee Assistance Program offers confidential counselling and support services for personal or work-related issues. At Cleartrip, we value each member's contribution, fostering a community that encourages growth, innovation, and fulfilment.”

Manisha Prasad, Regional Director of Human Resources India & South Asia at CRIF said, “We prioritize work-life balance for employee happiness and productivity. Over the past 2-3 years, especially during and post-COVID, our industry's priorities and mindset have evolved.

  • Our HR core values center on 'Humans,' shaping all our initiatives. Post-COVID, we adopted a 'Smart Working' approach with a hybrid model (3 days a week in the office) and flexible hours, allowing a structured and balanced approach to work and personal needs.
  • We focus on both mental and physical health, organizing exciting health challenges to encourage the collective achievement of health goals. Building long-term affinities, we introduced 'Circles@CRIF,' an employee-led hobby, cultural, talent, and fitness club. These circles offer diverse activities like parenting, singing, fitness, book reading, photography, yoga, and trekking expeditions, creating excitement and engagement.”  

Recognition, Celebration, Incentives and Redesigning Space 

Gaurav Sharma, Chief People Officer, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages highlighted, “In response to the changing work landscape, we've proactively addressed employees' mental health and work-life balance. 

  • Our Well-Being Pillar prioritises safety, overall well-being, and special attention to recognition and celebration. 
  • We foster a positive employee experience by nurturing the mind, body, and spirit through comprehensive programs promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This includes fitness initiatives, healthy lifestyle incentives, mindfulness workshops, and support for work-life balance. 
  • Additionally, our office space has been redesigned to encourage collaboration and social gatherings, featuring new lounge areas, flexible seating, and open spaces. 
  • Furthermore, our revamped café and gym, a yoga room, a crèche, and a reaction room are designed to be friendly for the differently abled, further enhancing our work environment.”

Aditi Nair, Chief People Officer at Practus shared, “At Practus, we have been committed to creating a culture that is People First. Shaped by Practus Values, we aim to provide a work environment that fosters positivity, is conducive to growth, is politics-free, promotes mutual respect & dignity and most importantly prioritizes the physical and mental health of our team members. A healthy and conducive work environment has always been a significant differentiator for us, however, we are cognizant of the fact that we need to sustain this environment as we grow. We launched “Abhaya” - our Safe Workplace for All Program at the beginning of this year. “Abhaya” means fearless. The Abhaya program at Practus aims to maintain an environment where every team member can be fearless – fearless in being themselves, fearless in expressing themselves and fearless in ensuring that Practus Culture is always protected.

Sharing the strategies of Epsilon, Sonali De Sarker, the VP of HR said, "We provide mental health support and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) through our confidential partner, offering counselling for personal or work-related challenges. 

  • Quarterly workshops cover stress management, resilience, and mental health awareness. Virtual or in-person team-building activities strengthen connections among remote teams.
  • Actively enhancing well-being through technology, we leverage meditation, mindfulness, and fitness apps with significant participation. Our flexible work policy supports remote work from any location in India, addressing family responsibilities, and medical support, and ensuring children complete the school year before returning to Bangalore.
  • Prioritizing support at every life stage, we offer remote work after parental leaves and up to 6 months for employees who are main caregivers raising a child born or adopted."

Awantika Bhardwaj, Head of CPE India at Ensono added, “At Ensono, mental health and work-life balance are top priorities. Our culture promotes balance and flexibility through a hybrid work model, flexible hours, and transparency. The Virgin Plus app encourages healthy habits. Associates have the autonomy to manage deadlines and personal lives.

  • Our revised leave policy offers full leave credit in advance for proactive planning. Sabbatical leave is introduced for milestone achievements, providing a month of paid relaxation.
  • Monthly wellness sessions and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) support associates. Managers monitor team members' health, addressing concerns with the HR team.” 

Bhumika Srivastava, Head of People, Walmart Global Tech said, “As a people-led, tech-powered organization, the holistic well-being of our associates is a top priority. Our people make us who we are and we are constantly thinking of ways to build a workplace where everyone thrives and feels like they belong. 

Our culture emphasizes constant listening to curate well-being policies and benefits supporting the four pillars—physical, mental, social, and financial—for our diverse associate base. Healthcare covers same-sex partners, gender reaffirmation surgeries, and HIV/AIDS. Insurance includes adopted and surrogacy-born children. Expectant mothers receive guided pregnancy care, nutrition, counseling, ergonomics assistance, and holistic maternity coverage. We empower associates with inclusive facilities, transport, and support for medical conditions.

  • For stress and mental health, emotional counseling, enhanced leave benefits, and a Calm app subscription are available. The 'Wellness Pod' offers well-being resources. Our plan covers fitness benefits, childcare support, caregiving, and additional recovery time for medical conditions. Financial learning programs and consultations are provided.
  • Comprehensive programs, like SparkOfWellness and initiatives for International Yoga Day, World Health Day, and Mental Health Awareness Month, strengthen our well-being focus. We support limitless learning and tech capability development through the Global Tech Academy, offering training and partnerships with academic institutes for exclusive learning experiences.
  • A culture of belonging is fostered through Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) and volunteering opportunities for causes close to associates' hearts, contributing to our commitment to helping communities live better.”

Santosh Vellanki, Group HR Head - India, UPL added, “At UPL, we believe that both mental and physical well-being of the employees is important for them to do well in their personal and professional lives – Only a healthy mind and a healthy body can perform at its full potential.

  • Hence, we do our best at UPL to provide various facilities that will nurture employee well-being. We have an in-house Psychologist, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, and Health Trainer available throughout the day in the office.
  • In addition to this, we also have an Employee Assistance Program, as part of which a free 24x7 online consultation helpline facility is available for employees to specifically ensure their mental well-being. The identity of the employee who avails consultation facility remains confidential. The helpline number is displayed at all the prominent places and common areas in the office for the benefit of employees. For acute or chronic pain management, we provide physiotherapy facilities at key locations. In April 2023, we collaborated with INTERNATIONAL SOS to support UPL employees with 24*7 assistance (medical emergency, accident, crisis etc). This coverage is provided at a global level.
  • We also have a health center and recreation area in the office for employees to relax and unwind during the workdays. Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition Talks, and Zumba are organised regularly to de-stress employees.
  • Apart from these, we have various committees that are responsible for handling any sexual harassment, and bullying cases on priority, thus providing a helping hand to the employee and creating a safe workplace.
  • We also host a compulsory training session for employees on various topics, including the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH). We also invite external experts to sensitise employees on sensitive issues like harassment.

Productive, Healthy and Inclusive Workspaces,  Counselling Sessions, and Webinars 

Poonam Agarwal, Head of Human Resources, BSH Home Appliances shared, “The health and well-being of our employees and their families are paramount. In our fast-paced business environment, we prioritize creating a positive and productive workplace ecosystem. Our commitment to employee well-being goes beyond routine check-ups, with sustainable HR practices like health insurance top-ups for both sets of parents and a special Affinity program for parents/grandparents over 80.

We proactively address physical and mental health, considering unique medical conditions and individual needs. Our people-centric approach accommodates specific requirements, ensuring every employee can perform at their best with support. In partnership with healthcare providers like Connect & Heal (CNH) and SilverOak, we offer annual health check-ups across India, along with well-being services covering nutritional science, breathing techniques, yoga, immunity, mental resilience, and counselling sessions. After health check-ups, employees and their families can avail themselves of consultation services from empanelled doctors for guidance on their health conditions.

Promoting a healthy mindset is a priority at BSH Home Appliances. We provide round-the-clock access to counsellors for employee assistance, ensuring immediate support when needed. Additionally, our expert webinars cover diverse topics such as ‘How to balance Me time & Work Time,’ ‘First Responder Session for Managers, Leaders and HR,’ the significance of regular exercise, women's health, heart health, yoga, and meditation. These sessions aim to provide valuable insights and resources, fostering a holistic approach to well-being among our employees.

“At HCL Healthcare, we prioritize the health and well-being of those who are dedicated to caring and work diligently to enhance other’s health. Through dedicated efforts, we have created an environment that not only supports health and happiness but also promotes a holistic approach to wellness in our organization,” commented Sudeep Sharma, Head of People, Learning & Culture, HCL Healthcare

He further explained, “We recognize the significant emotional and mental burnout experienced by the healthcare workforce during the pandemic.

  • To address this, we partnered with an external provider for our Employee Assistance Program, ensuring confidential support and resources for mental health. We leverage experienced life coaches and counsellors for comprehensive assistance.
  • Our diverse workforce includes talent from esteemed medical colleges, renowned B-Schools, and top industry professionals. Fostering an intellectually stimulating environment, our Reader’s Rendezvous Book Club provides a dynamic space for employees to connect, share insights, and engage in intellectual discussions.
  • As a people-intensive, multilocation organization, constant communication and AI-enabled Chatbot pulse checks every 90 days drive ongoing improvement in our people-centric initiatives, valuing our employees' voices as a constant endeavour.”

T Pradeep Singh, Director - India Compensation & Benefits Head for India at Salesforce underlined, “We prioritize our team members' mental health and work-life balance through proactive measures like the Thriving Mind and B-Well Together Series. Developed with BetterUp, these science-backed programs provide tools for holistic health, including stress management and mindset strengthening. Specialists guide individuals on healthy habits, sleep improvement, managing life events, and nutrition. Our insurance plan offers comprehensive mental health coverage under both IPD and OPD.

  • Our commitment extends with the Wellness Reimbursement Program, providing a monthly reimbursable amount for various well-being activities, from fitness classes to nutrition counselling and acupuncture.
  • Supporting smooth transitions back to work, especially for women, is embodied in our India Return to Work program—a transformative six-month initiative offering work, continuous learning, and mentorship within our dynamic Salesforce team in India.
  • Beyond specific programs, we actively foster an inclusive and supportive work environment, reflecting our understanding of diverse workforce needs and unwavering dedication to promoting well-being at every level.”

Rupesh Vamana, Head of HR at Deliveroo India added, “Achieving a healthy work-life balance has become essential to employee well-being as the workplace evolves. We strongly acknowledge that employees have lives beyond the workplace and respect their need for flexibility.” Highlighting the strategies at Deliveroo, he said “At Deliveroo, we prioritize employee well-being through flexible work arrangements and a wellness Employee Resource Group (ERG) focusing on mental, physical, and financial wellness. 

  • We provide mindfulness resources, access to counsellors, and expert-led wellness programs. Initiatives like gym reimbursement and nutritionist sessions promote an active lifestyle, helping employees balance personal and professional responsibilities, boosting morale, and productivity, and reducing burnout. 
  • Celebrating diversity is vital, and our 'India Women in Tech' Group, part of our global Women in Tech ERG, supports and advances women in technical roles.”

Sophia Das, Director of HR at Lam Research - India pointed out, “Today’s work environments are in constant flux and each industry faces its unique challenges in easing through these transitions for their employees. In addition to the industry's best policies like 14 weeks of paternity leave, free health screenings and unlimited doctor consultations, Lam Research deploys unique Mental Health Awareness Training, to help bring people together through awareness and understanding of different mental states.”

How can we engage employees in all-inclusive well-being initiatives?

Sharing some initiatives with an engagement success rate of 88%, Kishore shares, “DBS Bank India prioritizes employee well-being with a comprehensive strategy covering mental, financial, and physical wellness by offering:

  • Hyper-personalized benefits, 
  • Allowing employees to customize insurance coverage and dependents under Group Medical Coverage. 
  • Flexible Wellness Wallet for tailored benefits, providing options like elderly care or voluntary parental insurance. 
  • Our 'iFit' program promotes physical and mental well-being, with regular 'Wellness Days.' 

With a success rate of 39% employee engagement covering 924,177.74KMs in a walkathon, Awantika added, “Our employee well-being sessions, along with the EAP program, support financial and health well-being. Medical benefits cover associates and their families, including extended family members, with separate accidental policies and flexible health insurance plans. Partnering with Virgin Pulse globally, we foster daily well-being with team walking challenges.

Yash shared, “Mental health is a core focus in our well-being strategy. We prioritize psychological safety and belonging, offering support tools like a confidential Employee Assistance Program and a digital tool for personalized resilience content. 

  • Onsite primary healthcare, ergonomic workspaces, telemedicine, and regular well-being interventions, like Wellbeing Wednesdays, are provided at no cost.
  • We emphasize the importance of taking time off, offering various options, including vacation, holidays, new parent leave, caregiver leave, and paid sick leave.

Sonali shared, “We promote work-life balance with flexible schedules and remote work options.

  • Training managers to recognize signs of stress, fostering open communication about well-being. 
  • Encouraging vacation use, we also promote community service and social activities.
  • Wellness ambassadors conduct Yoga and Zumba sessions for physical well-being.
  • Ensuring health and safety, we've partnered with Samarth for comprehensive elder care. 
  • Our New Parent Support Group and cancer care policy provide additional support and flexibility for employees.”

Aditi said, “While work-life balance has always been important to us, 2021 was a turning point in many ways. One of the important areas we received feedback on during this time was work-life balance. People's well-being has been further strengthened as an area of focus for us. We have a series of programs that we run for holistic wellness, under “Practus Cares”. Some of the impactful initiatives are as below:

  • Enhanced Mediclaim Benefits: Apart from the regular Mediclaim cover, the team can now avail of unlimited doctor consultations, vision & dental checks, monthly wellness sessions, and subsidized and discounted plans for various health & wellness services.
  • Health Capsules: We get our team members to share health tips/practices based on their own experience & interests. This helps the team in learning from examples. One of our team members shared his passion for cycling, and another shared her interest in yoga. These real-life tips appeal to the larger team and inspire them to incorporate some of these into their own lives.
  • Wellness Conversations & Support: Through constant communication and reach-outs we were able to create a “safe space” for team members to reach out to us for support. 
  • Wellness Sessions: Inviting external speakers to address topics related to wellness. 
  • Financial Health: Equally important as physical and mental health, we initiated our first ‘financial wellness’ workshop last year.
  • Hobby Clubs: We have 6 clubs running currently (Runners, Cyclists, Board Games, Book Club, Sport & Trek Club)

Sophia added, “Our LiveWell program at Lam Research is a gamified suite of services prioritizing employee well-being. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) foster community, connecting like-minded individuals to work towards common goals.

Gaurav underlined, “We prioritize holistic well-being, embedding wellness in our culture. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers 24/7 free counselling, supplemented by newsletters and webinars. Employee Resource Groups like Women Inspired Network and Young Talent Group support specific segments, bridging generational gaps and empowering women.”

“We prioritize employee health with regular check-up camps and competitive insurance coverage, ensuring medical support and financial security for CRIF employees,” shared Manisha

Sudeep highlighted HCL Healthcare’s initiatives saying, “Our mission of making corporate India healthier starts from focusing on the health and wellbeing of our employees first. We prioritize our employees' well-being, fostering a culture of health and fitness. Our 'Hum Fit to Corporate India Fit' campaign includes engaging challenges, sports events, and unique recognition like the Green Apple Award, promoting physical and mental wellness. others.

Pradeep emphasized, “At Salesforce, our proactive approach to employee well-being includes regular surveys and discussions to address evolving needs. We've transformed our thinking about the employee experience, focusing on creating a connected, healthy, and innovative workplace.”

Rupesh added, “We implement a three-pronged approach: 

  • Addressing sources of stress and anxiety within the workplace
  • Investing in employee wellness
  • ERGs: Championing physical, mental and financial wellness 
  • Future initiatives to further prioritize employee well-being, fostering a positive organizational culture that values health and happiness for a thriving workforce.

“BSH prioritizes employee mental health for enhanced productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. We offer 24/7 access to mental health counsellors with a dedicated helpline, organize engaging wellness programs, and embrace a hybrid work model to support work-life balance. Our commitment fosters a positive working environment, driving sustained excellence and innovation within the organization,” shared Poonam 

What are some innovative strategies for enhancing talent retention?

Rupesh shared innovative strategies for employee retention at Deliveroo:

  • Well-being initiatives, including wellness programs and mental health support, significantly impact job satisfaction and employee retention rates
  • Prioritizing work-life balance through flexible arrangements and time-off policies enhances well-being
  • Employee engagement, influenced by factors like autonomy, recognition, and workload, is a key driver of talent retention
  • Regular assessments and feedback help tailor well-being programs to meet unique employee needs, fostering positive engagement and enhancing talent retention

Poonam highlighted the new methods saying, “At BSH, our commitment to well-being is ingrained in our culture, driving talent retention and sustained success.

  • Flexible work policies, hybrid collaboration, and continuous learning opportunities.
  • Talent management programs like Talentify and Sparkz, identify and nurture leaders. 
  • Customized learning paths and real-time feedback support employee growth. 
  • Fostering a culture of rewards and recognition, creating a fulfilling work environment that encourages leadership aspirations and mentorship roles.”

Pradeep added the initiatives at Salesforce: 

  • Progressive work practices prioritize attracting and retaining top talent
  • Hybrid work model, leveraging new technology like Slack, empowers teams with flexibility, unlocking productivity and efficiency. 
  • Data reveals that schedule flexibility increases productivity by 39%, and asynchronous ways of working give teams valuable time for focused tasks. 
  • While our offices remain essential for collaboration, our emphasis on holistic well-being and flexible arrangements fosters a culture where employees feel valued and motivated to stay, contributing to a healthier work environment and benefiting both individuals and the organization."

Sudeep underlined new initiatives saying. "At HCL Healthcare, our robust employee well-being initiatives have contributed to a high retention rate, surpassing industry norms. Recognized as a Great Place to Work for three consecutive years and among the Top 15 employers in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology, we prioritize growth opportunities for our workforce. 

  • Filling mid-level positions internally underscores our commitment to employee development. 
  • To build a future-ready workforce, we focus on evolving learning interventions and a mandatory 6-hour training target. 
  • Our in-house Managerial Development Programs, guided by organizational leadership, ensure a consistent talent supply, meeting future needs across roles and levels."

“At UPL, we prioritize a positive learning and growth environment, offering structured career development programs. Rewards and Recognition programs keep our growing workforce motivated. Despite expanding from 6,000 to 13,000 employees since 2018, our high Glassdoor rating of 4.4 and industry-leading employee engagement score reflect our commitment to employee satisfaction. We foster a culture of continuous learning, offering leadership programs in collaboration with top institutes. To support our talent, we provide childcare facilities, extended maternity leave, paternity leave, flexible hours, and work-from-home options, ensuring a balanced and secure work-life experience,” underlined Santosh 

Manisha added initiatives at CRIF: “At our core, we prioritize the 3 Cs: Communication, Collaboration, and Culture. Clear communication fosters collaboration, creating a positive work culture. This open, honest, and progressive environment leads to an engaged workforce and enhanced productivity. We emphasize internal mobility, offering growth opportunities based on talent. Our strengthened learning system supports this mobility, ensuring employees have the skills needed for success in new roles.”

Ajay highlighted, “Cleartrip's robust retention is driven by strategic initiatives prioritizing employee well-being, professional development, and positive work culture. Our commitment to open communication builds trust, aligning employees with the company's vision. Creating a valued, engaged, and supported work environment enhances our ability to retain top talent, fostering growth, development, and innovation."

Amar said, “In cultivating a culture defined by mutual respect, empathy and camaraderie, we take pride in seamlessly integrating well-being initiatives as a natural extension of our ethos. The success of our approach is evident in our consistently positive and well below industry average employee retention rate. This fact not only tells us that our efforts are hitting the mark but also emphasizes how essential well-being initiatives are, both for attracting and retaining top-notch talent.”

“We've innovatively digitized talent and performance management, using platforms like Success Factors and assessment tools. Learning and development, seen in initiatives like HCCB Learning Fest, are core to our strategy. By reforming talent acquisition and retention, we've achieved a 13% regrettable attrition rate, showcasing the positive impact of our well-being initiatives on retention,” shared Gaurav 

Sharing the effective strategies for talent retention at Practus Aditi added, “Our retention focus revolves around creating a sense of belonging and purpose. Strategies include hiring based on our 'Value Hiring Framework,' tighter onboarding with a Buddy Program, and pre-emptive plans for mid to long-tenured employees. Our 'Super 40' initiative identifies next-gen leaders, and our Gurukul L&D program ensures continuous upskilling. Early attrition has decreased by 42%, and overall attrition is down by 9% compared to the previous fiscal year.”

Yash shared, “BNY Mellon is deeply invested in our global workforce, fostering a 240-year legacy. Our Employee Reward Portfolio empowers performance and personal resilience, supporting financial goals. Embracing diversity, our Neurodiversity Inclusion initiative champions equity for neurodiverse individuals. We prioritize work-life balance with initiatives like the 'Work from Anywhere' program, empowering our employees for success.”

Sharing new initiatives at Ensono, Awantika added:

  • “Hybrid and flexible work environment for attracting and retaining top talent. 
  • Re-hire program, fostering an open culture and innovation, bringing back former employees
  • Retention is linked to our genuine concern for employee well-being. 
  • Investment in learning and recognition, with TAD programs and study leave, ensuring continuous development
  • Focus on women leadership, supported by the Ensono Career 2.0 program. 
  • Prioritising recognition, with study hours every Thursday and a robust Associate Equity program, fostering a sense of ownership
  • Regular feedback via Gallup surveys helps us enhance our workplace, creating a culture of genuine care and support for associates and aligning with their career aspirations.”

Kishore also pointed out new initiatives at DBS saying, “A renowned employer in India and Asia, attributes its success in talent attraction and retention to robust well-being initiatives. With a 6% increase in well-being engagement according to our internal survey:

  • We prioritize holistic growth through initiatives like iGrow and 'Be My Guest.' 
  • Our education sponsorship policy supports individual development plans, promoting democratized learning.
  • A comprehensive rewards strategy, emphasizing financial security, learning, recognition, and wellness, fosters trust. 
  • Transparent discussions on pay and a thriving online peer recognition platform contribute to our low attrition rates despite increased headcount. 
  • Nurturing a culture of well-being, growth, and recognition ensures the retention of top talent aligned with our values and vision.”
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