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Design employee experience with this mindset

Opening the hybrid edition of PM EX Conference 2022, Ester Martinez encouraged the audience to think about the changing business economy and realign their employee experience strategy
Design employee experience with this mindset

There's a great power shift at workplaces around the world. The pandemic led digital transformation has opened up opportunities, not just for businesses and customers, it has also opened employees to the power of choice – of skills, opportunities and learning.

To retain and engage talent, the business imperative for HR is this: How do you design, manage, track and implement a compelling workplace experience in this sea of change?

The new economy already surrounds us. Technologies like Metaverse and NFTs are challenging conventional business models; they're opening new avenues of revenue and new experiences for people. According to Bill Gates, we will all have a virtual avatar as early as twelve months.

But are HR professionals ready to navigate this shift?

"Are we playing with these technologies and understanding what they mean for our work?" asked Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor-in-chief of People Matters addressing the audience at the People Matters EX Conference 2022

Encouraging the audience to think about some of the evolving imperatives, she asked them to "Zoom out" – to think about the big picture shifts and "Zoom in" – to understand what these shifts mean to their company context.

What are the barriers to engaging in this kind of thinking?

A study by Harvard Professor Ellen Langer transformed the eye test. When the image that doctors used to test patients was inverted, more people felt comfortable and hopeful.  

"It opened up people from a mindset of limitation to a mindset of possibility," Ester noted.

"As we go through redesigning employee experience – remember that a lot of the limits you may be going through are artificial," Ester said. 

"Whether its respect to company culture or other mindset issues that limit your actions, you need to design experience with a mindset of possibilities," she added.


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