Article: How companies are building employee value proposition?

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How companies are building employee value proposition?

In an enriching session of FICCI Conference on HR best practices, a conglomeration of eminent HR leaders shared their valuable inputs on how to build employee value in the digital age.
How companies are building employee value proposition?

The session started with a very interesting question by one of the panel members, “Which is the organization which motivates its employees the most?” Its Indian Army came one of the replies. This laid the seed of inquisitiveness in the audience to know how some of the companies are fabricating Employee Value Proposition in their organization.

Happy food for Happy people at Mother Dairy

Kiran Singh
Kiran Singh, GM, Corporate HR for EVP and Employer Branding, Mother Dairy,

A good employee value proposition is the key to motive and attract talent in an organization.”

At Mother Dairy, a new definition of EVP was created in order to attract and retain Gen Y which has evolved as a paramount part of the total workforce in any organization. In partnership with Aon Hewitt, various surveys were carried out along with talking to placement coordinators campus, existing employees etc. In the design phase, alignment was done with theme Happy food for Happy people and came out what can be delivered to the employee and what employee expect from the organization. In the transformation phase aggressive communication of EVP to the employees was carried out via banners, posters, leadership talks etc. The alignment phase constitutes aligning the EVPs within the HR department

EVP: True happiness making a real difference

Countdown to Accenture

Unmesh Pawar
Unmesh Pawar, Global HR MD, Accenture.

Unmesh shared the insight on how Accenture is making an impact with their employee value proposition.

The only asset that we have at Accenture is the Human Resources.”

With technology engulfing the whole world, employee expectation is changing and with this HR needs to change. At Accenture, we create truly a consumer grade personalized experience for employees which start the moment when the candidate accepts an offer at Accenture. Engaging them smartly knowing the kind of business they will be joining either technology or industry, familiarizing with the company core values, the way of working, policies etc. The Accenture 'Sky Journey' is a fine example of a gamified environment that is created in order to engage employees and to create an immersive experience for them. They are also given access to ‘My learning’ which is a training program thus helping them acquaint with the organization. Senior leaders also get involve to train the new employees onboard to give them an overview of Accenture experience. And lastly, they have also created team based leadership for employee engagement with proper surveys being carried out.

Connecting People via People Connect

Sarjeev Sethi
Sarjeev Sethi, CEO, People Connect

"Pre-boarding is an extremely important exercise which I feel a lot of organizations miss out on”.

Offer drop-out rate today is approximately 35-40% which directly impacts the productivity. We recommend clients to share 'Electronic Welcome Packet' which goes to the candidate before joining the organization. These packets constitute of the companies values and links of company videos with activities which are not work-related.

On-boarding should be more of a celebration than an administrative task”. 

Gamification is one approach which can be used to ease onboarding. Other approaches which can give the employee clarity can be by answering micro queries of their evaluation criteria, their roles and responsibilities, ways of interacting with peers etc. Onboarding is a critical element and requires the attention of CXO level and no longer the job of HR only. 

Agility of engagement is extremely important. To this Sethi have a simple model called SMAC which is Social media, Analytics and Communication. Organisation these days need to harness the digital world with an app that can monitor real-time engagement, analytics, and an app that ensures that there is seamless communication to employees. Time has come I believe for executives, hiring managers, HR leaders to realize that today they need to harness the entire digital framework to ensure smooth pre-boarding, onboarding and engagement process. 

Leadership is the key

Wallace Shah
Wallace Shah, Director and Country Head, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting

Talent is person’s natural attitude or inner ability that needs to be identified and use properly.  It is the talent which encourages and helps people to work and excel in their organization".

Coming to employee engagement Shah said that a candidate needs to be competent, committed and have a deep passion. Lack of any one of these factor fails to make him an engaged employee. So who drives these factors? It is the leaders who are the driving force of these 3 key elements. 

Talking about millennials in this digital age, who are considered as disruptors Shah commented that leaders should understand what drives the millennials to make them work. They have a different work ethic and style and leaders should be able to extract the best out of them. If given ample opportunity millennial with talents will definitely be highly productive and engaged. Leaders should help the on-boarding employees to understand their job description with more flexibility.

Shah concluded the session by saying that organizations should focus on employee development and employee engagement in order to enhance the brand image of the organization.

If you want to make organizations meaningful in future, start with leadership and that’s an important function HR can take because leadership is the key”.

This story has been built from the session delivered at FICCI Conference on HR Best Practices at Federation House, FICCI, New Delhi on the theme “On-Boarding and Engaging Talent in the Digital Age: Building Employee Value” on 7th & 8th November.

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