Article: Team-building initiatives: The old way to do new things

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Team-building initiatives: The old way to do new things

The success behind any organization hangs on the team building skills of the individual. It increases the productivity and motivation in employees. It is a very old phenomenon of building good employer employee relationship as well.
Team-building initiatives: The old way to do new things

Digital technology has changed the face of the business. The customer focus has shifted from physical product to service, information and intelligence. There is a rapid increase in the demand for e-commerce industry, which means exchange of money, goods and duties in a transaction on internet.

An important Key for a successful business is its relationship management. Especially in the e-commerce industry whether the transactions are done with business to customers or business to business, in both the case the relationship maintenance is done via post or pre-sales support. Customer relationship management helps every business to run efficiently and effectively by understanding the behavior and the requirements of the customers and accordingly adjusting the business operations to achieve the desired goals. 

CRM can be achieved by:

  • Knowing the customer requirements
  • Summarizing the customer needs
  • Initiating the required changes to improve customer support and marketing strategies

Traditionally the business houses were product oriented but with the change in the business environment they outgrew to understand the importance of the CRM. With the arrival of the e-commerce industry it has become easy for the entrepreneur to understand the customer requirements and their preferences and also their spending behavior with the help of electronic and digital media. The customer in the e-business is looking for convenience, easy transactions and good negotiation with the fast delivery and service. As there is no face to face interaction with the customers, it is very important for employees to understand and satisfy the basic requirements of the customers. 

To deliver the excellent customer service the employees should have:

Authority: The most important key is to ensure customer satisfaction and it can only be achieved if the employee has ability and authority to provide best service. Determination to provide the best service should be the main driving factor.

Training: Unless there’s a proper training provided to the employees they cannot give their best to the customers which in turn will be harmful to any business. A properly trained employee is confident, efficient, comfortable and can perform better customer interactions. 

Alignment: If employee has proper information about company’s goals and policies then he can empower to be the better brand advocate and provide excellent customer service. It also helps them to stay connected with business.

It is important that the e-commerce company creates the best customer experience that motivates buyer to repeat its transaction with the company. It can be achieved by self-support services, personalized mails, user friendly website and easy return policy.

Innovation: The need for creativity and innovation are the critical skills for achieving success in e-commerce Industry. Creativity is the ability to procure new ideas and innovation is the implementation of the creativity. Innovation among employees is a path to success as it increases the productivity of the business organization. Motivating employees to show creativity and innovation in the ideas helps business to stay in the competition. It also provides competitive edge to the business. With the Innovative ideas, the employees can help in building the productivity of the business organization and thus increases the profits.

Importance of team Building in E-commerce Industry

The success behind any organization hangs on the team building skills of the individual. It increases the productivity and motivation in employees. It is a very old phenomenon of building good employer employee relationship as well.  

Benefits of team building are:

  • It defines the objectives and goals 

  • It provides the opportunity to the leaders to brief their team about the objectives of the organization that helps them to understand it better and stay focused. 

  • Improves the morale and management skill. The employees are more relaxed to express their innovations and this will result in better performance of the employee. 

  • Increases efficiency and strength of team
    Better communication and atmosphere created in team building activities often motivates the team and make them emotionally strong as they also share their problems and feelings with each other and it helps in increased efficiency.

  • Identifies the weaknesses
    Activities done in the teams helps the leaders to identify the weaknesses of employees who fail to perform otherwise.

  • Increase the ability to perform
    The relaxed atmosphere in team exercises increases the trust in the employees which normally gets disconnected in routine environment and thus increases their ability.

  • Eliminates barriers that threat creativity 
    Team exercises outside the normal routine and office settings helps employees to think in a fresh mood with new ideas

  • Develops better understanding communication among team
    Team building exercises involving discussion helps open communication in employees.

The team building exercises not only raise the spirits but also work on soft skills which are important to function an e-commerce organization smoothly.

The motivated staff is the most important resource of the company. It is very important to know how the staff workers/employees are been treated and what they think about the company in which they work as it has a direct impact on the productivity of the business.

The manual laborers working in a warehouse have a monotonous and tiring job and lack motivation, so it becomes important for the employers to take care of the health of their workers by providing them proper working conditions and regular medical checkups. By giving them extra bonus for extended working hours also helps to motivate them which help in increasing their morale to work efficiently and stay connected to the organization. Reward and recognition programs are the best performance management tools. The team building activities also helps to connect with the workers and creates better understanding.  In case of startups, team building is even more crucial. A strong team with the right attitude can turn an idea into reality. 

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