Article: The One Thing #9: Be the Catalyst for Innovation

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The One Thing #9: Be the Catalyst for Innovation

Prithvi Shergill on why the HR has to Enable, Engage and Empower people to become better innovators
The One Thing #9: Be the Catalyst for Innovation

If you as the HR can create a culture where the workforce will start looking at enhancing the value zone between themselves and the customers, that will translate into a better relationship with the client

HR needs to rethink its positioning from being a business partner to being a catalyst for creating innovation across all parts of the organization. HR has many levers, which can enable us to tap into the creativity that people bring to work every day. If I look at my team in the last three to four years, we have created what we call a culture of “ideapreneurship” – where employee ideas are feeded, nurtutred and harvested to add value for our clients. This culture of “ideapreneurship” has led to $230 million of value being added to our clients over and above the commercial contract that has been negotiated with them. So, I would say that there is a direct financial impact if you tap into the ideas that employees have to enhance what we call the value zone between themselves, the company and the customer. So our focus is to Enable, Engage and Empower our people to be better innovators, better creators of value for our clients. And we measure that by seeing...
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