Article: 4 lessons Amul Girl advertisement teaches you about managing work

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4 lessons Amul Girl advertisement teaches you about managing work

She has been inspiring a lot of us over the last 50 years with her humour. But what can you learn about managing work? Read to know more.
4 lessons Amul Girl advertisement teaches you about managing work

It’s been 50 years that she has been keeping us amused with her one-liners. The Amul Girl – the polka-dotted-red-dressed-without-nose-blue-hair girl with golden bread toast with butter slathered on it – has been a source of inspiration to many. Over the years, the cute-looking wide-eyed girl has been making us gape at her wit, sarcasm, and variety of topics.

This ad is a perfect example of how organizations can eye branding in a different way. Every organization works towards getting popular, profitable, and proficient in their approaches. And this Amul advertisement teaches the following 4 things about managing work.


In order to create brand engagement, Amul couldn’t have done it better. Over these 50 years, what has remained the same is the customer engagement for their products and immediate brand recollection which happens with just the image of the girl. That’s the kind of effect you need to create with regard to employee engagement, talent acquisition models, employer branding. As a manager, you need to create that kind of engagement to drive productivity. As a team member, you need to understand the value of such engagements and provide support to be able to drive it. 


If you read, see the creative advertisements over the years, what kept them going was innovating with one-liners with every incident. In the same template, they played with creativity, came out with innovative captions, and stayed relevant.  In a team, all you need to do is, create a set of structure that is required to function but keep innovating on the ways to keep the process going. For example, if you have a field trip for your employees, try and innovate the ways you can improve the experience. 

Risk taker

The advertisement didn’t mince words when they came out with taglines criticizing people/events or incidents. They have faced flak for their creativity – they have been ridiculed, abused and even threatened. But they haven’t stopped taking risks and thus kept on creating brilliant taglines. Identifying the function where you can take risk to build your team/brand/product is as important as leading a team. 


The Amul girl is also a mascot for promoting entrepreneurship. The history is embedded in such a way that the brand always reminds you why Amul was created. And whatever product they advertise, they will not promote individual products, but it’s their brand which gets unlimited attention. People talk about it. Formed in 1946, it is a brand managed by a cooperative body, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is jointly owned by 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat. Its daily milk procurement is approx 14.85 million lit per day from 18,536 village milk cooperative societies, 17 member unions covering 33 districts, and 3.37 million milk producer members. More than 70% of the members are small or marginal farmers and landless labourers including a sizeable population of tribal folk and people belonging to the scheduled castes. Being able to ‘see the challenge, own the challenge, and finally finding a solution to the challenge’ is what this stands for. You should be an entrepreneur in your mind to do work independently. That not only gives you confidence but also success.

Given that we have huge inspirational leaders around us who keep us motivated with their work and ways of working, there are creatives which also provide such enthusiasm to help us look differently and try newer things for success.

Is there any way the Amul ad have enthralled you? Share your experience with us. 

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