Article: A culture to promote employee aspirations

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A culture to promote employee aspirations

Here are the particular characteristics of an organizational culture that make it more appealing for employees to realize their ambitions and aspirations.
A culture to promote employee aspirations

An aspired employee is an asset for every organization. It is the organization's responsibility to provide the right culture in order to provide a platform for an employee to aspire more. Culture plays a vital role in providing the environment to employees to explore a more aligned career growth.

Following steps can be taken by the HR to support the employee aspirations

Allow employees to make mistake – Unless and until an employee tries the best way to work effectively and with maximum output, the organization needs to have an understanding that mistakes are the part of the job. This will give the employee room to grow through trial and error, take the ownership, and in turn build credibility for the organization. 

When an organization provides the culture where there is room to make errors, it becomes a conscious approach for an employee to evaluate the best option and at the same time align her or his own work methodology with that of the organization. The employee who is aspirating for better growth may not only judge for the designations but will also acknowledge the liberty of making mistake while trying out his/ her own individual style of working and learning. 

Allowing employees to express their perspective about a situation – All employees want to be heard but aspiring employees want to express their views on how he/she would have handled the situation if they were in a leadership position. It is mostly observed that in a traditional organization, the leader shares his experience and then considers that to be the best way of handling a particular situation. Hence, it’s the work of the line manager and HR to create a culture that talks about giving an opportunity for employees to express their perspective in handling the crises. And this talks about the open culture of an organization.

It is a very collaborative approach to seek perspective from the stakeholders, it also builds confidence and a realistic picture from all direction, no organization can provide the desired career bath to all employees but seeking various solutions for the same situation, this creates an empowering culture. 

Providing a platform for an employee to understand their aspirations – management development dialogue, fast-tracking employees' growth, job enhancement, these are good HR practices, but what is more important is providing a culture where employee aspirations can be nurtured. This can be done by providing a clear career path and culture where employee desires to fulfill his/her aspiration with the organization development. Creating a channel where the aspirations could be captured and accordingly the path is designed, may or may not be in the same job, designation, profile or even department. 

Such platforms give HR a viewpoint to create the HR framework that can accommodate maximum aspirations by providing the right direction, profile, and growth. A strong progressive culture helps employees to evaluate personal competency and assess the organization program for personal growth which will enable him/her to achieve the personal goal

Hierarchy free environment, empowering the aspired employees to take decisions – Freedom to work plays a vital role in setting the enlightened culture. When asked most of the employees have expressed they feel engaged in the empowering culture rather than a bureaucratic organization. When people aspire, generally line managers plan it through promotions and salary hike. But in a right organizational culture, these factors are secondary, when the aspirations of the employee are captured it is understood that aspirations are towards, giving the opportunity to take more challenges, risks, and accountability for the tasks and results. Hierarchy free culture promotes collaborative and transparent working as the factors delaying the task is reduced and it results in employee satisfaction 


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