Article: The One Thing #1: Need to focus on ER

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The One Thing #1: Need to focus on ER

HR leaders need Employee Relations' experience to appreciate ground realities says Anuranjita Kumar
The One Thing #1: Need to focus on ER

One can do great work on the Employer Value Proposition, however within that, understanding the core of Employee Relations is the need of the hour given what our industrial sector is undergoing

Businesses worldwide, including India, need to adapt to the uncertainties in the market and the changes that are happening at a pace that is faster than ever before. Businesses need to drive productivity through value-add, innovation, and of course, revenue. This calls for a redefinition of the rules of the game, and in turn, the HR strategy. The good news is HR leaders today have the opportunity to redefine some of these rules. The one big focus to drive these emerging business requirements is for HR to be in sync with what businesses need in their quest to do more with less and to build creative talent interventions to ensure the organization’s capability remains agile in a hyper competitive market. In India, in particular, we need to change the course on how we look at a business and reflect upon our actions. This has a huge implication on talent requirements for a business. Today, HR needs to redefine and relook at Employee Relations to match these changing business needs. ...
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