Article: Why does Tata Comm believe in inspiring employees to show their talent

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Why does Tata Comm believe in inspiring employees to show their talent

At Tata Communications, the focus has been on empowering and enabling employees to independently tread their own careers within the organization
Why does Tata Comm believe in inspiring employees to show their talent

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Company Name: Tata Communications Limited
Established: 1986
Total number of employees: Over 10000
HQ: Mumbai

With a firm belief in the mantra that “Inspiring and enabling employees to showcase their brilliance makes a great employer”, the focus of Tata Communications in the past few years has been on empowering employees to independently tread their own careers within the organization. The organization believes that this empowerment not only hones employees’ brilliance but also ensures that skill availability matches up to the rapid transformation in the business for the present as well as the future, and also enriches lives.

Through ‘Shape the Future’ program, the company enables employees to make an impact on their own terms and creates opportunities for them to show their brilliance and entrepreneurship

The ‘Shape the Future’ program at Tata Communications identifies business opportunities that can contribute to the top line in the future, for which it invites employees to submit ideas that have the potential to become successful businesses and also touch the lives of billions of people. The ideas are selected through a crowdsourcing contest and the promising ideas are put through an incubation program. The program not only accelerates business development; it also lets employees make an impact on their own terms and nurtures an innovation culture within the company. Through this initiative, the company has also managed to go beyond the traditional career paths to create opportunities for employees to show their brilliance and impact on the business through their entrepreneurship skills. In addition to this, ‘Project Marketplace’, an internal platform at Tata Communications enables all employees across the business to register their skills and seek assistance on projects from other employees around the world. This allows employees to gain momentum on their projects and also provides them an opportunity to work on projects across different regions and domains, expand their professional network, and grow.

In the learning domain, the company has launched Tata Communications Academy (TCA), a learning academy that customizes learning programs in real-time for employees who have identified the need to develop a skill. Around 72 percent of the employees are significantly engaged with the academy, including a large proportion of the senior leaders. With global operations, the biggest challenge for any company lies integrating the different needs of employees into one solution. But each employee program or product is fine-tuned periodically using employee feedback and inputs, and the focus is on internal marketing to company employees and managers in order to get them to use available resources. 

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