Article: Creating a sustainable culture of engagement


Creating a sustainable culture of engagement

In times of boom and stability, engagement efforts seem to be implemented relatively effortlessly with ease but the same activities face challenges in terms of execution rigor and effectiveness when organizations are going through uncertainty and change like transformation, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions etc.
Creating a sustainable culture of engagement
Over the years, Employee Engagement has not only been discussed among HR practitioners but has also remained a key research area among HR academicians. Often, the term is used interchangeably with other related notions such as employee satisfaction and happiness at work etc. Specifically, the deeper meaning of Employee Engagement is rooted in the level of employees’ psychological investment with their organization. The commitment with which an employee comes to work, the ownership with which the employee takes up the job at hand and the connection which she feels with the larger purpose of the organization are few signs of an engaged employee. Employee Engagement is not an isolated activity within the broader HR framework but is essentially a part of the cultural fabric of an organization. It implies that each level of employee needs to feel empowered towards creating a culture where everyone feels intellectually engaged and emotionally connected thereby contributing their best...

Topics: #EngagementDuringChange, Culture, Employee Engagement

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