Article: The "I" must change to "we": Rajeev Dubey


The "I" must change to "we": Rajeev Dubey


The ‘I' must change to ‘We'


India is clearly moving into a new era, from being a struggling country to one that has a strong position in the new global economic order. Take the current India visit of US President Barack Obama, where he stressed the need for India to be a strategic partner for the US, a far cry from the earlier view of India as a poor country, which could only ask the mighty US for favors. This transition requires us to have a totally different mindset and responsibility.
Change happens all the time. If you look at global macroeconomic scenario, three strong trends have emerged in the last few years – change, unpredictability and forces in conflict with each other. To survive in the next orbit, organizations will have to take cognizance of these trends and keep re-inventing themselves; here change may be evolutionary or a quantum movement to the next orbit. At a deeper level, we have to experience and ensure change in fundamental beliefs and mindsets. The “I” must change to “We” and the old win-lose paradigm has to be replaced by a win-win approach.
Leaders will have to apply the ‘Whole Mind Approach’ to complement a strong left-side of the brain which deals with analysis, intellect, number crunching, et al, with the right-side of the brain which is about design, creativity, empathy, innovation, story-telling, imagination, et al. It is only this combination of left and right brain that can ensure sustained competitive advantage in the emerging new world which is replacing the Information Age.

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