Article: 5 tools in the HR industry everyone should be using

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5 tools in the HR industry everyone should be using

Tools to help HR stay on top of their work and manage their millennial workforce better
5 tools in the HR industry everyone should be using

The Human Resources (HR) Industry is very challenging, especially if you support a large organization.  There is always a humungous amount of information to deal with and keep track of and difficult and challenging problems to solve.  Here are 5 tools that will help HR manage their time, data and workflow much better.

Labor Time Tracker

While some companies still rely on physical timesheets, some others have moved to Excel spreadsheets, where they ask their employees to create their versions of time cards and mail these to HR at the end of every week.  This system appears flawed and too much of trust is placed on employees to record honest and accurate records of their arrival and exit.  Not only does this problem exist, but there is also the forgetfulness of employees to deal with, where there is a mere estimation of the number of hours worked.  

This is where Labor Time Tracker proves to be a useful tool.  It makes things orderly and guarantees accuracy.  Employees punch in their times of entry and exit, breaks, lunches etc. on a virtual time card.  It helps HR and other managers to monitor the movement of employees.  


Trello is a unique tool that is a collection of sticky notes.  When employees and contractors are added to the system, the whole organization can see these sticky notes and helps them stay connected to each other and on the same page.  Key information and deadlines can be accessed and shared easily.  It is visually pleasing too.  In this system, specific responsibilities can be assigned to individual employees.  


This is an affordable solution for HR.  It has a whole lot of features that can help an HR Department.  Some of them are employee profiles, creating and sorting out performance evaluations, organization charts, recruiting, managing and scheduling time offs and more.  Its dexterity is wide-ranging and it also has a fantastic interface, while it performs a number of traditional HR tasks.  Those who have used this tool love it.  Mastering it is fairly easy and it will not eat up your time and energy.  Understanding this tool will come within the first few sessions of training.


Smartsheet is a tool which is web-based.  It is similar to the popular Sharepoint.  It allows spreadsheets and other documents to be shared and mutually accessed.  Many organizations use this to document tasks, assign priorities to projects and manage employee hours.  You can even set an alert to let you know when employees change the sheets of data.  This way, you can manage and monitor projects and keep track of who made the changes and when.

Grapevine Evaluations

This is a web-based tool used by HR Departments for performance evaluations of employees.  It helps in the creation, management, and distribution of 360-degree evaluations, employee assessments and performance reviews.  It is easy to use and navigate and has a lot of options to choose from.   

These tools play a very important role in enhancing the role of the HR Department, in not only developing company strategies but also in building and managing positive working relationships.

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