Article: Driving on Digital - HR's transformation

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Driving on Digital - HR's transformation

Digital now determines the way organizations think and operate. This cover story presents the digital transformation agendas of companies across a variety of industries, the State of HR Technology and the Next Wave of HR Transformation
Driving on Digital - HR's transformation
For organizations, digital transformation is the new reality. Digital now determines the way organizations think and operate. With the advent of a slew of digital technologies – Mobile, Cloud, Social Media, and Analytics, and the influx of the millennial workforce, businesses have had to change their models, re-think their strategies and adapt to the preferences of a new generation of working population. And digital disruption has also compelled the HR function to transform the way it delivers. This cover story, in its first segment, reveals what this shift looks like for individual companies, how they have transformed themselves digitally, and in this journey, how has the HR transformed itself digitally and has integrated technology with employees. It documents the journey of leading organizations across sectors from Information Technology, FMCG, Financial Services to Manufacturing, who share with us their business priorities while highlighting the change in operations and str...
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