Article: Emerging HR Tech Startups – DigiVerifier, LitmusWorld, Quikchek

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Emerging HR Tech Startups – DigiVerifier, LitmusWorld, Quikchek

People Matters presents a series of HR tech startups defining product offerings that help solve HR challenges through technology. Here are some of the startups. Read on
Emerging HR Tech Startups – DigiVerifier, LitmusWorld, Quikchek

The HR tech Industry has been growing globally and within India. HR processes like recruitment, performance, training, and payroll processing are some of the most common yet significant activities that every business needs to engage in. Emerging HR tech startups are making these tasks simpler for organizations with the help of new technologies.  People Matters designed a mentorship program for 27 emerging HR Technology start-ups at the TechHR Spotlight program to recognize innovations by startups.

Continuing with the series of HR tech startups, here are another set of three startups that provide solutions to HR challenges through technology.

HR Tech Startups


Startup Name:  DigiVerifier (Crossbow Global Marketplace Solution Private Limited)

Incorporation: 2017

Team size: 10 to 20 people

Raised funding: Not raised any capital yet

Client size:  Pilot in less than five companies

About product offering: DigiVerifier completes the employment verification process in 10 minutes and provides tamper-proof results with high degree of accuracy.

Key problems addressed by the technology: Reinforces ethics, compliance, and trust, crunches cycle time and eliminates fake candidates.

Elevator Pitch: The traditional employment background verification process is a lengthy, expensive & manual process, which takes approximately 14-21 days. DigiVerifier provides employment verification in just 10 Minutes. In a conventional verification process, there is dependency on the previous employers, both in terms of response time and existence of the previous employers. Delay in response from the previous employer to validate details puts both candidate and employer in a difficult situation. DigiVerifier is tamper-proof, high on accuracy, data verification process is fully automated, and it verifies multiple employment credentials up to 7 years. It helps the organization to reinforce ethics, compliance & trust to the customers. Fueled by AI, DigiVerifier is the center point of change, disrupting & challenging the conventional practice.


Name: LitmusWorld

Incorporation: 2015

Team size: More than 50 people

Raised funding: Yes, more than USD 1,000,000

Client size: More than 50 companies

About product offering: Always on employee listening & conversations platform, initiating conversations across the employee lifecycle

Key problems addressed by the technology: Lack of analytical insights, continuous engagement tools, robust dashboard for a single view of the employee

Elevator Pitch: LitmusWorld EX is an always-on, active listening platform, which enables users to deploy conversations to their employee base at any stage in the employee lifecycle. The technology used helps to capture daily emotions of the employees. It works as anytime platform to talk to your employees on a continuous basis. It works on multi-device support and assures anonymity. Some of the advantages of this active listening platform are that it helps in creating a leaderboard for managers, uncovers issues not readily apparent and obtains crucial insight to make timely course corrections. It is an early warning indicator that helps to reduce attrition. It assesses feedback with the help of customized questionnaires, role-based reports, and dashboards. Litmus is easy to launch, and you can choose from a range of employee conversations, rolled out within a day.  For completing one engagement survey, it takes around 5-15 days. It is intuitive and engaging UI and comes with live dashboard analytics with consultancy as an option.


Startup Name: Quikchex Private Limited

Incorporation: 2013

Team size: 20 to 50 people

Raised funding: We have not raised capital

Client size: More than 50 companies

About product offering: We integrate HR, Payroll, and Compliance on a single platform, leveraging our beautifully simple SaaS application & our ground support team of payroll & compliance experts.

Key problems addressed by the technology: Reduces the time, resources, costs & mistakes resulting from managing disjointed, incompatible HR system & vendors, by integrating it all on one platform.

Elevator Pitch: Quikchex is a cloud-based payroll, HR and compliance platform. It configures client’s data and policies in the system. Quikchex Software generates payslips, payroll, tax, compliance, leave and attendance reports. It files tax, PF, ESIC, PT, and LWF returns. So basically it simplifies all these processes for business. What makes Quikchex different from other platforms? It is one of the only end-to-end solution that offers last mile labor compliance. It helps its users in eliminating all the compliance penalties, fines, and issues that they were facing earlier. It cuts down the time, effort and resources spent managing the compliance function separately. The algorithm used is capable of servicing a 5,000- 10,000 employee company, while still being simple enough to use for a 25 employee organization.

Note: This article is a series on HR Tech Startups. There is no ranking involved. The information about start-ups is as per a submission and presentation by startups at the People Matters TechHR Spotlight program)

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