Article: Inspiration To Execution: Visionaries extract the roadmap to speed, resilience & sustainability at People Matters TechHRIN

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Inspiration To Execution: Visionaries extract the roadmap to speed, resilience & sustainability at People Matters TechHRIN

Asia’s largest HR and Work Tech Conference, People Matters TechHR India is all set to inspire you to act and change the game.
Inspiration To Execution: Visionaries extract the roadmap to speed, resilience & sustainability at People Matters TechHRIN

As the world order gets more volatile and dynamic, leadership teams can no longer rest with planning just for tomorrow; strategies need to be designed to remain ahead of the curve, and survive the next ebb, which could strike anytime. Building organisations that can withstand these shaky grounds, and instilling adaptability in the workforce requires companies to act with speed and develop resilience. And at the same time, keep sustainability at the heart of all business practices. Taking cue from Buddhism, the current times call for inspired action — making the impossible possible.

So, this year, at People Matters TechHR India, we have leaders and visionaries from across the industry spectrum share their insights on ‘inspiration to execution’ to tide over the new normal, which as one of the speakers at the conference this year puts it, the ‘Never Normal’. 

In its eleventh edition, the conference will be brimming with excitement as HR industry veterans take you through how companies globally are balancing the changed work scenario of office and remote environment, encouraging and nurturing talent to remain relevant, enhancing value creation for all, keeping up with the break-neck speed at which Gen AI is evolving, and implementing human and tech innovations to drive efficiency.

The two-day conference, on August 1 and 2 will see over 2500 HR, talent and business leaders, over 100 HR tech innovators, 150 thought leaders and 30 startups converge at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram. Here’s the spectacular line-up of speakers, who we promise will inspire change for your business: 

Jerry Colonna

The founder and CEO of Reboot, Jerry Colonna is a certified professional coach enabling his clients to design a more conscious life. One of the startup world’s most in-demand executive coaches, hailed as a ‘CEO Whisperer’, Colonna in his book ‘Reboot: Leadership and The Art of Growing Up’ stresses on the importance of radical self-inquiry for achieving professional success and healthy relationships. In his recently published book ‘Reunion: Leadership and the Longing To Belong’, he emphasises that only through radical self-inquiry ‘can we come home to ourselves’ and create safe work spaces for others too. He is committed to the notion that ‘better humans make better leaders’ and drawing from his knowledge gained over 20 years as an investor, executive, and a board member for more than 100 organisations, he will share his wisdom on leading life with humanity, resilience and equality at People Matters TechHR India.  

Peter Hinssen

An international keynote speaker, best-selling author, futurist and co-founder of nexxworks, Peter Hinssen speaks extensively on how companies, leaders and employees need to adapt to survive a constantly shifting world hit by diverse disruptions, in what he defines as ‘Never Normal’. Through his venture, nexxworks, he inspires organisations to think further ahead and act on the ‘day after tomorrow’ because radical innovation offers long-term value that changes markets, industries and even the world. Hinssen is also a multiple board advisor on subjects related to innovation and technology and a serial entrepreneur having founded several technology startups.

Archana Bhaskar

The CHRO at Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Archana Bhaskar has led several human resource transformation journeys in her career spanning over three decades, across multinationals like Unilever and Shell in the Indian and overseas markets. Currently, helming HR at Dr Reddy’s Labs, she is steering many technology-driven innovations focused on improving people’s productivity and enhancing employee experience to drive efficiency and retain talent.

Amrita Padda

The CPO of Airtel, Amrita Padda joined the firm in 2021. Before joining the Indian telecom major, she donned various hats over her two-decade long stint in global consumer giant, Unilever in India and Southeast Asia markets. After her diverse experience, heading HR functions across different departments at Unilever, she is now building talent at Airtel to build nuances across businesses, channels, products and geographies. She is also a member of the Leadership Advisory Board – Asia Pacific for Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning.

Aditya Ghosh

The co-founder and board member of Akasa Air, Aditya Ghosh is the man who changed the perception towards low-cost airlines. In his previous stint as the president and board member of Indigo for 10 years, the air carrier turned into India’s largest and most profitable airline. After leaving Indigo in 2018, he joined as the CEO of OYO Hotels & Homes— India and South Asia. He currently sits on the board of Fabindia and OYO. As an active supporter of startups and with his deep knowledge as an investor through Homage Ventures, and member of the advisory board and investor at the VC firm, Fireside Ventures, Ghosh will provide critical insights into overcoming challenges related to scaling up, financial sustainability, and organisational culture, among others.

Ved Krishna 

Strategy Lead at Pakka Inc., Ved Krishna is driven by his mission to make the planet cleaner by creating solutions for the replacement of single-use plastics. Through his company, Krishna is contributing towards building a sustainable planet by creating and investing in compostable food carry, service and packaging solutions from sugarcane residues. Krishna is all set to speak at the People Matters TechHR India on how real change will only manifest through scale and the way forward for developing and scaling sustainable alternative materials and circular solutions for consumer goods.

Vikrant Batra

Staying relevant, resilient and innovative in the hospitality industry, where customer preferences evolve fast is no mean task. But Vikrant Batra, co-founder and director of Cafe Delhi Heights and a distinguished name in the hospitality industry has done it with aplomb. Apart from keeping his ears to the ground and listening to customer’s feedback closely, Batra has embraced technology, which he says plays a crucial role in analysing data and identifying the patterns that guide future decisions. Listen in on how using a combination of customer insights, industry knowledge, and technological advancements, aided him to adapt and innovate and keep his venture ahead of the curve, only at People Matters TechHR India

Join us on August 1 and 2 for a host of inspirational keynotes, insightful panel discussions and masterclasses from the change makers and innovators of the 21st century at People Matters TechHR India at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram. Register now!

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