Article: The Spotlight is back with a bang!

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The Spotlight is back with a bang!

Technologies are transforming the way HR function. In this article, we feature 12 of the best HR tech companies that are vying for the ultimate honour – the Spotlight Awards 2015
The Spotlight is back with a bang!

HR technologies are transforming the way recruitment, talent management and HR decision-making takes place today. In order to identify, applaud and recognize such companies who are at the forefront of changing the way HR works through technology, People Matters launched the Spotlight Awards 2015.

This is the second edition of the Spotlight Awards, the first one conducted last year at TechHR Conference & Exhibition in Gurgaon. This year, the TechHR Conference is bigger and better. More than 90 participants sent in their applications for the awards, the competition for which has been fierce. These companies were slugging it out in two major categories: Start-ups and Seed.

In the Start-up category, there were three main sub-categories: Futurism in recruitment, Futurism in talent management and Futurism in HR Analytics. In the Seed category, we were looking at the best business ideas in the conceptualization stage that are innovative technology solutions.

The eligibility criteria for the start-up stage are:

  • The company should not be more than 8 years old
  • The company's revenue should not be more than Rs 25 crore.
  • The company should nominated a HR technology product and not a service
  • The company should have property rights over the product

The eligibility for the seed stage are: The company should no tbe more than 3 years old and the business idea should be unique.

There were two stages in the application stage: Stage 1A and Stage 1B. In Stage 1A, participants were asked to send in their applications. In Stage 1B, the shortlisted applicants were asked to undergo an online application test.

A jury comprising of a combination of Business Leaders, HR Heads and Venture Capitalists then evaluated the applications twice and then shortlisted them. The jury members were Rajesh Ranjan, Partner, Everest Group; Sanjeev Prasad, CIO, Genpact; Rahul Khanna, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Trifecta Capital; Maninder Gulati, Principal, Lightspeed Ventures; Shalini Pillay, Head-People, Performance & Culture; Manish Sabharwal, Co-founder, TeamLease; and Vipul Singh, Head of HR, ADP.

The jury members shortlisted companies on the basis of the following evaluation criteria:

  • What is the business problem that will be addressed by the new technology?
  • What is the business impact this technology brings?
  • How is this technology scalable?
  • Why is this technology futuristic?

The final 12 companies were arrived at after taking into account their average scores.

Company: Pvt. Ltd.
Headquarters: Bengaluru
No. of Employees: 12
Industry Type: Training & Development
Founded in: 2011
Category: Best in Talent Management has been in the market for more than four years now and has established itself as a leader in corporate training solutions and is acknowledged as India’s number 1 training marketplace. It has over 100 clients across IT, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and services sectors such as Accenture, Aditya Birla group, Vodafone, General Motors, E&Y and Tata Group. In 2012, the company received an angel funding of Rs 1.5 crore and is now looking for more funding to expand its reach outside India. The company clocked a turnover of Rs 2 crore in 2014-15 and their business model is based on subscription revenue from training companies and transaction-wise revenue sharing on B2B and B2C deals. 

Key differentiator: HR managers are finding it difficult to choose the right training programs for their employees. If they wish to change existing vendors, they are unable to find the right options. The situation gets worse when they have to nominate employees to attend public workshops as there is no universal training calendar of public training programs is a one-stop stop for all training needs. By using, L&D managers can easily plan and execute their training programs by working with a single vendor and save both cost and time.

Hurdles and challenges: The biggest challenge was bringing the hugely un-organized training vendors under one umbrella. The second major challenge was proving the ability to handle and meet the training needs of corporates.

The road ahead: Upskilling and talent development are key whether for an entry level employee or a CXO level employee. The training needs are unique for every individual and needs different approaches and interventions. The platform is a unique marketplace where HR managers can discover, evaluate and take up training programs for upskilling and certifications. The platform boasts of an India-wide training calendar of 2000+ public programs. Over 400 branded training companies are part of the network, providing a reach to 1000+ subject matter experts across domains.

Company: RippleHire
Headquarters: Mumbai
No. of Employees: 15
Industry Type: All types 
Founded in: 2012
Category: Best in HR Analytics

RippleHire is a technology product that combines psychology, gamification, and crowd sourcing with proprietary tech algorithms to help companies find top talent automatically. For a technology product, they understand the importance of user adoption and are able to provide that using a combination of product and support. RippleHire’s core focus is on building a product for the recruiter, for the employee, for the hiring manager, for the candidate and for the interviewer. It is a web 2.0 cloud based product that integrates with your existing HRMS systems to enable a seamless and convenient business experience.

Key differentiator: Their USP is their gamified employee referral module. They use psychology, motivation, social mechanics, and engagement through gamification and marry that with intelligent technology. They are able to engage and motivate around 30 per cent of the workforce at every customer. This means that they are able to automate sourcing of candidates for their customers. There are tons of products on the recruiting space each trying to solve one portion of the puzzle. They automate sourcing and enable automatic hiring through crowd sourcing.

Hurdles and challenges: Finding great talent is hard. Harder than finding a needle in a haystack. It is not just an information asymmetry but a talent asymmetry. In such an environment, companies have a team of recruiters constantly trying to solve the talent asymmetry by mining job boards and social media (both of which attempt to solve the information asymmetry but don't do justice to it). This was one big hurdle in the Hr Analytic space.

The road ahead: Their core USP is a referral module that uses gamification and enables social recruiting. By empowering the best way companies hire (Employee Referrals), they reduce your hiring cost and effort to unlock the multiplier effect in their employee social networks. Game mechanics make the process fun, engaging and drives great results.

Company: Tydy
Headquarters: Bengaluru
No. of Employees: 5 Industry Type: Employee Engagement
Founded in: 2013
Category: Best in Talent Management

Being a mobile-first product, Tydy is on a mission to make it really easy for HR managers to engage their employees anytime, anywhere.The Tydy Studio gives them the ability to create engaging content in minutes and share it with any device instantly. With an estimated turnover of Rs 25 lakh, the two-year-old company uses a per-user/per-month model. They raised $138,000 in angel funding last August. The product was soft-launched in December 2013 and is currently out of beta mode. Clients include Puma, Davita (F250 company), Stepathlon, AttaGalatta etc.

Key differentiator: Employees and stakeholders have moved to mobile devices. The mobility wave has left HR professionals puzzled on how to engage them on these devices! And to add to it, the traditional document publishing and delivery methods were never meant for mobile content. All the existing software was made for the desktop world. Tydy addresses this disconnect by providing a platform that makes mobile content creation a breeze. HR executives do not need to depend on designers or developer resources to engage their employees on mobile devices and more importantly they can rest assured that the platform will have good-looking interactive content providing a uniform experience across all devices.

Hurdles and challenges: Mobility is a fairly new “concept” in most organizations. The speed with which adoption has increased has meant a limited set of tools available to address the growing number of mobile devices in an organization. The biggest challenge has been educating the HR executives on how to tap the growing base of mobile users in their organizations.

The road ahead: It is estimated that there will be over one billion mobile workers connected to enterprises by 2018 and digital content creation is one of the fastest growing segments. Tydy addresses this growing mobile user base and how HR can stay connected to these devices by addressing the pain points related to mobile devices. It is a one-of-a-kind product competing with the traditional players like Microsoft and Adobe.

Company: SecureNow Technologies (

Headquarters: Delhi

No. of Employees: 5
Industry Type: Diversified, typically SMEs
Founded in: 2015
Category: Seed

SecureNow Technologies was set-up in March this year as a subsidiary of SecureNow Insurance Broker. The objective was to develop mobile and desktop based technological solutions that HR at small companies value. The company believes that a roll out of these products will increase the SME's stickiness and create significant long term value. The specific app that they have nominated themselves for is called Notify and available on Google Play. It significantly improves delivery of employee benefit insurances to employees by reducing the delivery time of mediclaim cards from 4 weeks to 4 days. These cards are now distributed electronically and can be used at hospitals instead of a physical card. Notify also provides an e-enrollment option to collate employee and their family data in a very efficient manner. This app has considerable functionality over and above insurance applications. For example, it allows HR managers to send messages to employees using the app. These messages show up in their phone notifications, calendars and email. Emails can also be sent to a select set of employees. From the employee perspective, the app puts all their insurances in one place in a user friendly manner. If they lose contracts or papers or cards these are immediately available on the app. More importantly, they can set reminders for insurances, bills, medical items and renewals on this app.

Key Differentiator: Their core business is insurance broking. This has become a commodity like business with single-minded focus on price reduction. They are changing that outlook by bringing attention to technological products that address fundamental HR issues that companies face.

Hurdles and challenges: The biggest hurdle faced was the lack of good user interface and product designers. They addressed the issue by getting into the detail of product design. All the wireframes and UI have been done by the founders. This is time consuming but has resulted in a better mobile app, far superior to what other providers have on offer. 

The road ahead: The company is developing an ios version of the app. Other HR tools such as a mobile-based attendance and leave management system are also on the anvil. Their view is that deployment of this app will have a material impact on new business acquisition and retention of corporate business for SecureNow. 

Company: Tharakan Web Innovations
Headquarters: Chennai
No. of Employees: 35
Industry Type: Corporates, governments, banks
Founded in: 2010
Category: Futurism in Recruitment

Though paper-based confirmations have been around for a long time, it has increasingly become outdated, less efficient and less secure with each passing year. directverify is a leading online “Digitally Certified Document Repository” that brings efficiency and security to the document submission and sharing process and counts few diplomatic missions as clients. With a turnover of Rs 1.4 crore in FY15, the company collects fees for each verification request raised by the user using its payment gateway. In May 2010, the company raised $110,000 in angel funding. The second round of funding saw Rs1.5crore being pumped in by few HNIs and then Series A funding of $1 million. 

Key differentiator: Document falsification and cumbersome attestation processes adversely affect everyone. Hence, the company decided to create an online platform where universities, colleges, banks and other institutions who issue critical documents to their alumnus, customers etc. can verify the documents through the directverify. Individuals or institutions e.g. consulates, visa processing agencies, employers etc. who want to check the genuineness of the document can upload the document and raise a verification request. The enlisted verifier shall complete the verification by checking uploaded document with their database. In short, the user will have a certified copy in a digital format for him to share with his employers, visa offices, banks etc. 

Hurdles and challenges: Getting the first client was the biggest hurdle because even though services were provided free of cost, verifiers who authenticate documents online were reluctant as the company was just a start-up.

The road ahead: The company has a vision of an efficient, fraud-free Electronic Document Verification System and believes it can be achieved when the system becomes a truly universal platform where various government agencies, public and private educational institutions, consulates and other document issuing agencies can be brought together onto a common platform. Directverify was rolled-out in May 2012. Since then, the company has added 175 educational institutions across India, which caters to 8 million students, for verifying degree certificates online. Students going abroad use the application to e-share transcripts for higher education to more than 100 universities in the US such as Standford Law Univerisity, Drexel University and John Hopkins University. The company is seeking to raise $5 million in equity funding for myeasydocs’s commercialization and overseas plans.

Company: MeraJob India
Headquarters: Gurgaon
No. of Employees: 72
Industry Type: Services Sector
Founded in: 2013
Category: Futurism in Recruitment

MeraJob is an open-architecture employment-marketplace that provides value-added service of pre-screening and job matching. While MeraJob is a new-age digital business, it combines human judgment with technology, process innovation and data analytics to achieve true impact.MeraJob solutions have been piloted across industries from HDFC Bank, Britannia, Indiamart, Quikr to Logicash and grown its pre-screening client base close to 100. The two-year-old company, which clocked a turnover of Rs 109 lakh in FY15, received $3million in angel funding from individual HNI investors in December 2013.

Key differentiator: With close to one million people reaching working age every month, the biggest pressing challenge in the country is employment. The job market in the income range of Rs 7,500-50,000 per month is opaque and highly inefficient. Job seekers are unable to signal presence effectively and distrust recruitment agents. On the other hand, employers are unaware or unable to reach the right talent, particularly those in remote and non-metro locations. Employers are unable to hire high fit candidates from diverse talent pools as the current options provide them with “more of the same”. Using technology, new age thinking and data analytics and digital marketing, MeraJob aspires to change mass-recruitment in India (and globally) through SmartProfiles™, and is in effect trying to create a “credit bureau” of candidates to enable better matching. It allows plug-in of various tools for assessment, skill development, video interviews etc. to bring more value of customers. 

Hurdles and challenges: Challenging conventional beliefs and practices in recruitment was the biggest challenge the company faced. The second major challenge they encountered was that employers who were used to pay per hire model were reluctant to try new offerings despite the potential savings and quality it offered. Thirdly, since the market is fairly crowded and candidates have choices such as to posting resumes at job portal sit required developing a blue-ocean strategy in a competitive domain. Conceptualizing Pre-screening, continuous enrichment or curation of SmartProfiles and usage of SMAC (Social, Mobiles, Analytics and Cloud) required a rethink of the job marketplace strategy.

The road ahead: The open-architecture platform allows integrating of third-party products offerings, and next generation tools that ultimately give a jobseeker much more beyond jobs. The integrative business model allows MeraJob to collaborate with all players in the recruitment, skill development and employment eco-system. Existing competitors can also use MeraJob’s ‘Job Matching Portal’ to partner and grow. It aims to essentially focus on creating a more efficient marketplace with high engagement and liquidity on both sides of the marketplace viz. employers and jobseekers.

Company: WorCha Intelllilabs (
Headquarters: Bangalore
No. of Employees: 9
Industry Type: Recruitment
Founded in: 2015
Category: Seed

WorCha has been founded by two ex-McKinsey consultants who have had significant exposure to the recruitment space and experience in running large scale business operations. The tech team comprises of computer engineers from Amazon. WorCha is building a full-service intelligent recruitment portal which will disrupt the currently moribund recruitment technologies in India. It will be intelligent, engaging and effective in both sourcing and screening. The platform stands on three important pillars. First, it uses an intelligent algorithm to create a prioritized list of candidates matched to a specific job listing. Second, it analyzes a candidate’s personality and matches it to the hiring corporation’s personality. Third, it pre-screens candidates using an expert panel, drastically shortening the final list and associated interview lead times. In its second avatar, the WorCha portal will use gamification to rank the best candidates in each functional and industrial area, creating a high-value market for the best candidates matched to the best careers.

Key differentiator: An important imperative of their product is to engage candidates and fit them into the most appropriate careers for them. It is built around big data and machine learning algorithms which are future ready and easy to scale even across geographies. The algorithms are nuanced and can fit across industry and function and will be updated and refined automatically by machine learning systems to stay current and relevant at all times. 

Hurdles and challenges: There were three main hurdles faced by them. The first was to develop the right intelligence to be able to tell a best-fit candidate from an average one. The second was to ensure that there was a good mutual fit between the candidate and the recruiting organization. The third was to create a credible panel of experts who could screen candidates using a structured and standardized format for normalization across multiple experts. Their Intelligence Engine is built to look beyond the job and candidate skill match alone; it looks at the candidate's experience profile, education, achievements and awards and other parameters to identify the right fit. 

The road ahead: They are a boot-strapped start-up. The co-founders are currently funding all activities including (but not limited to) salaries, office rental and licenses. They have begun preliminary conversations with venture capital funds to raise a seed round which they hope to lock by the end of the year.

Company: Talentwoot
Headquarters: Gurgaon
No. Of People: 2
Industry Type: HRTech
Founded in: 2015
Category: Seed (still to get patented) is world’s first anonymous, secure and tech-enabled online marketplace for acqui-hiring. We see thousands of startups coming up every year however, not all of them achieve as they desire, not every start-up becomes Google or Facebook. They build teams, get poc done, test markets, hire the best talent - all feasible steps to make sure they achieve business KPIs but only few fortunate ones survive and excel.The idea to establish the company stemmed from the fact that the recruitment industry size is expected to be $450 billion this year. The pain in hiring a great talent is known to everyone. TW helps you to acquire an organisation/startup to fast track your growth in terms of talent, product knowledge, IP rights, tech competency, user base, business acumen and added value proposition.TW got featured in international platforms like Beta list & Tech In Asia. 

Key differentiator: TW offers benefits such as anonymously exploring opportunities, instantly reaching global markets, controlling your own privacy and confidentiality, one can start building relationships early, leveraging technology to efficiently identify companies that fit your ideal target match, staying on top of evolving product, innovation and technology demands and broadening the exposure to potential strategic opportunities. 

Hurdles and challenges: The biggest challenge was to put thoughts into practice. will support all those passionate startup founders and employees who deserve meaningful direction, team up and access to resources by the mean of “Acquihire”. It is a two-fold process of mutual value propositions. Moving on, it’s important to see hurdles as opportunities. For example, Acquihire can be linked to performance of any company, financial strength, people, product, business stage and finally valuation and proposition. 

The road ahead: will address to existing challenges like access to stealth mode/small team startups, great need of a dedicated platform, multiple bi-directional options and fair market benchmarks.

Company: KNOLSKAPE Solutions Pvt Ltd
Headquarters: Bengaluru
No. of Employees: 50
Industry Type: All industries
Founded in: 2008
Category: Best in Talent Management

KNOLSKAPE is an award-winning immersive gamification and simulation software company, which focuses on talent transformation. It helps organizations attract, grow and retain talent through experiential learning products. This bootstrapped company’s business model is based on learning products, platforms, programs and journeys.

Key Differentiator: A whopping 65 per cent of India’s population is less than 35 years old. By 2020, the average age for an Indian is likely to be 29. By then, millennials will take over the workforce. There are two specific characteristics of millennials: Low attention span and exposure to gaming. Current learning solutions and LMS platforms do not adhere to this upcoming generation of learners. While MOOCs have solved the problem to a large extent, on an average only 15 per cent of the participants complete such courses. So, KNOLSAKPE developed a new-gen platform called AktivLearn that focused on anytime-anywhere learning, social interactions and game-like elements to engage the user throughout the learning journey. The product was launched in August 2014 and clients such as Cognizant, Accenture MindTree and Bajaj Allianz have used the platform with great success and excellent feedback. 

Hurdles and challenges: KNOLSKAPE began work on this product to create a futuristic Learning platform that focuses on bringing experience back to learning. This will ensure that participants not only learn, but also participate enthusiastically and also have fun. One of the key requirements was to improve the retention rate and make learning stick. The team worked with hundreds of users to identify the core aspects of making learn fun while ensuring that the content is relevant and useful. Hence KNOLSKAPE incorporated social elements into AktivLearn where participants can chat, socialize and learn together with other peers on the platform without having to switch to another application. It also packs in gamified content and provides a launch pad for learners to acquire competencies in a manner like never before. Learners navigate through a game-like interface with challenges, roadblocks and earn rewards for completing levels. It not only improves retention among learners and consequently the completion rates, but also motivates and engages learners to socialize with other peers, interact with them and challenge them on various topics. 

The road ahead: While AktivLearn currently works on tablets as well, KNOLSKAPE is working swiftly to ensure that the experience on mobile devices is seamless. Other milestones include enabling rich analytics to get deep insights and making the platform even more immersive.

Company: Internshala
Headquarters: Gurgaon
No. of Employees: 20
Industry Type: All Industries
Founded in: 2011
Category: Futurism in Recruitment

When Internshala was first formed, only interns were managing its core functions for the first two years of the operations. Even today, 50 per cent of the team is made up of interns. Internshala has helped more than 10,000 organizations find talent and hopes to touch lives of 5 million students from 300,000 today and facilitate more than 1 million internship matches every year by March 2018. The company offers its internship platform and services free of cost to students and companies and generates revenue from advertising as well as online trainings. Internshala’s clients include IBM, Reliance, LIC, Zomato, Greenpeace, BookMyShow etc. Initially, the founders raised Rs 15 lakh from friends and family. Now, they are looking for funding to expand product, marketing and team.

Key differentiator: Internshala was the first and only portal to not allow unpaid internships to be posted on the platform (except by NGOs) as well as to verify every listing. It also built strong presence in Tier-I campuses to help companies find premium talent in a really short time. The company has also brought the college training & placement cells in the loop when a student gets hired for an internship. The platform is free of cost for both students and companies. 

Hurdles and challenges: The company’s mission is to create a culture of meaningful internships in India, which was absent when it started. This required a change in the cultural mindset and that was the biggest challenge. The second major challenge was in product evolution. As the product evolved from a Wordpress blog to a fully mobile friendly platform in 2015, the team had difficulty in finding the right technical team to implement the vision. 

The road ahead: These days, students are willing to experiment with their careers till they discover their passion. Secondly, graduates as well as people with 1-2 years of experience are now thinking of an internship (rather than an MBA) to change their career tracks. Internshala’s own Business Apprentice Program (6 month business internship) has seen a 3X increase in number of applications from this segment in last 2 years. Similarly companies (large and small) are realizing the benefits of having a structured internship program in place. For startups, interns are the first team; while for large companies, internships are a great tool to attract the best talent and build their HR brand among millennials – the future workforce. Thanks to Internshala, students now make better informed and more passionate career choices, which help organizations attract right talent resulting in long-term success and lower attrition. As they move forward, they will continue to drive the mission of meaningful internships in India and are excited about the ambitious goal of 1Mn internship matches every year that they have set for themselves.

Company: nFactorial Analytical Sciences
Headquarters: Bangalore
No. of Employees: 5
Industry Type: Cross industry
Founded in: 2014
Category: Best in HR Analytics

nFactorial Analytical Sciences, founded in December 2014 by bootstrapping, is a product-based company in the data analytics space focusing on HR/Talent Analytics. Their goal is to become the primary HR Analytics organization in India. 

Key differentiator: nFactorial’s product n!Core consists of six different modules targeted at Hiring, Engagement and Retention. One of the modules, n!Gage, uses network analysis, overlaid with information about pay, performance, awards, and other people metrics, to help leaders to identify local leaders, key influencers, network leaders, flight risks, role mismatches, dilemma candidates, underperformers, value performers and future leaders. This analysis can also help in identifying cliques that are developing in the organization (both positive and negative cliques). This in turn can help leaders to be proactive in identifying “hotspots” and take appropriate actions. n!Gage, uncovers organizational networks through a short survey that identifies different types of interactions between employees in an organization. This, along with employee data and a proprietary Rules Engine, enables users to identify key positions, roles and players within the organization. In addition, n!Gage  provides recommendations on appropriate actions for managers to take.

Hurdles and challenges: The biggest challenge was in identifying the means of uncovering the underlying network: The company discussed various ways of doing this including looking at email headers to understand the connections that people made at work, ultimately settling on a survey-based mechanism. The second key challenge was in understanding the types of algorithms to use to uncover specific influencers and other key roles/positions as well as clique  detection in these networks.

The road ahead: The product is futuristic because there really are no products of this nature in India and probably only a couple of them in the world. With social networks becoming all pervasive, HR needs to be able to take advantage of network analysis tools to understand the undercurrents in the organization.

Company: Yoma Multinational Solutions LLP
Headquarters: Gurgaon
No. of Employees: 70
Industry Type: All types
Founded in: 2011
Category: Best in HR Analytics

YOMA Multinational Solutions is an end to end provider of people productivity solutions. YOMA has pan India presence and has offices in all major metropolitan cities. Their mission is to assist organizations realize their full people potential by helping them find the right talent, train and develop people and manage their productivity in various aspects of an employee lifecycle.

  • Employment Solutions: Temp Staffing & Permanent Staffing
  • Employability solutions: Skill based assessment & training solutions
  • Platform Solutions: Track Smart, V-iring, Payroll Solutions
  • Consulting Services 

Key differentiator: One of their product in platform solutions is TRACK-SMART. Track Smart is a go to market productivity management and automation tool for outdoor teams. The tool uses mobile app and web application on the front end and predictive algorithms andartificial intelligence on the backend. Its used case application is across profiles like sales, customer service, marketing, merchandising and delivery logistics team. It works on location based services to track and update real time activities which are beneficial in leave and time attendance (through itsgeo tagging and geo fencing features), performance tracking and performance management on setmarket KPI’s used picture and video analytics using artificial intelligence. It can also help in route planning, calculation and optimization of routes and travel expense re-imbursements. Its SOS alert feature also helps in employee safety and wellness. In the last 1 year, Track Smart has been able to make inroads in big FMCG companies like Pepsi, RB, Mahindra etc.

Hurdles and challenges:

  • Time and attendance marking for field teams.
  • Separating skill from will through realtime visibility of go to market activities.
  • Linking it to compensation and benefits strategy of field teams.
  • Ensuring compliance to go to market parameters and linking it directly to business outcomes. Hence making HR work closely with business. 

The road ahead: The HR industry is constantly evolving and YOMA with its innovative solutions like TRACK-SMART aims to be at the helm of that change. YOMA Multinational has a team of HR specialists, researchers and software developers who are constantly working to build highly automated, intelligent and predictive solutions.

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