Article: Indian Job Applicant Confidence Index 2017


Indian Job Applicant Confidence Index 2017

India's Job Confidence outlook is the highest in Asia Pacific Markets
Indian Job Applicant Confidence Index 2017

The Confidence Index is a measure of how optimistic job applicants are about the current job market. The responses are based on those that applied for a job published on Michael Page and Page Personnel websites. The study is of different countries as compared to the global job market.

Focus areas

  1. Career growth

  2. Skill enhancement

  3. Availability of enough jobs

Key findings

  1. Industrialized countries - UK, Japan, Netherlands, and Australia are near or match the global average of 66%, US, Canada, and New Zealand far exceed the global average, while Spain, Portugal, Singapore, and France are far below the global average.

  2. Among the semi-industrialized countries, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Taiwan far exceed the global average, South Africa, Poland and Hong Kong are close to the global average, while no country is below the global average.

  3. Among the developing countries, Peru, Qatar, Chile, China, Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia far exceed the global average, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil are close to the global average, while Turkey is the lowest in this category, much below the global average.

  4. India exceeds the global average but is below Indonesia in its own developing countries’ category.  

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