Article: A good leader attracts the best talent


A good leader attracts the best talent

The key ingredient to a successful leader is his ability to attract talent and to develop better leaders

Great leaders create and carry their own brand identity and reputation. Top talent is very much likely to be pulled by the ultimate magnetic force of strong leadership. Good leaders have an inbuilt knack for attracting, retaining & engaging the top talent for the best suitable jobs.

On the other hand, the most talented employees also share a desire of learning from the best. These are the people who would indeed want to work in an atmosphere where they love their work more than anything else.

Good leaders have over time always won the faith of the best talent pool when it comes to surviving in highly competitive market conditions. And worthy leaders always share an unsaid yearning of being around the best people who could in turn inspire himself. Recruiting the best talent is like the first step of a great journey for them and as they say, “Well begun is half-done.”

Understanding it in Warren Buffet’s language, “Pick associates whose behavior inspires you or is better than yours. You will slowly drift in that direction too.”

In a really prudent way, a good leader constantly works towards identifying and narrowing the demand & supply gap for talent acquisition. Good leaders share a farsighted vision with people who work with them and have really prodigious ways of attracting the right talent.

Hiring the best talent tops the list for every good leader all over the world. And it is rightly said that you don’t need a lot of people when you have a lot of talent.

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