Article: Are You In The List 2017 Winner: Natasha Boparai


Are You In The List 2017 Winner: Natasha Boparai

Natasha Boparai from Boston Scientific Corporation believes that the biggest talent priority in todays time is to be able to build leaders that can change the canvas of our industries that we work in.
Are You In The List 2017 Winner: Natasha Boparai

Natasha Boparai | HR Business Partner – GBS, IT, Global Functions | Boston Scientific Corporation

Achievement-driven HR professional with wide exposure to different verticals of HR Management in the Telecom & Manufacturing sectors with over 8 years of work experience. Worked with world-renowned healthcare brands like Glaxo Smithkline & Boston Scientific and also with India's renowned groups like Bharti Airtel Limited & Ballarpur Industries Limited, part of Thapar group (BILT). Adept at building and maintaining relations and closely working with key internal & external stakeholders. I have successfully delivered on expectations and duly acknowledged for Talent Management, Talent Planning & Acquisition, HR Analytics, HR Systems, Performance Management, Campus Hiring & Management, Learning & Development, Expat Management and Employee Engagement. Strong at managing HR operations along with working on HR strategy with a business result oriented approach

What differentiates me from others 

Laugh, Gesture, Empathize, Entertain and be Passionate. Few words but these make the core of my daily existence. I like to listen to people and have the interest to connect on very varied/different things which gives me the ability to connect with one and all. My connect with people in all walks of life has one or more of the 5 brand words mentioned above to make the connect unique and charismatic

What is my Biggest Talent Priority

The biggest talent priority in today’s time is to be able to build leaders that can change the canvas of our industries that we work in. Leaders can be of two types- the ones that lead from behind and the ones that lead from front. My philosophy is that every leader can win by using both these strategies. The audience of the leader helps decide whether he/she should use the Behind or Front strategy. One size fits all is not the call of the hour, we have to customize our leadership strategy with each group and each situation with the group. Situational Leadership is what the key mantra of success for a leader is. However, the primary difference between the two styles is that in the former style (Leading from Behind), the leader makes mileage out of the collective genius of his/her team members whereas in the latter most of the mileage is on the leader’s genius. Hence, it’s evident that the chances of innovating and nurturing new skills are way higher in leading from behind and the chances of impeccable execution and quick results are higher in leading from front strategy. As an HR professional my constant endeavour is to be able to build situational leaders for organization success.

The one thing I will: 

Change in HR: HR professionals need to become true HR business partners and have the same chair on the strategy table as other CXOs. As per Dave Ulrich's segregation of HR role evolution, we truly need to strengthen our business capabilities and display higher role in strategic decision making. 

Retain in HR: Core talent management & development must be retained in HR. Building leaders pipeline and capability building clubbed with HR analytics are a true measure of our success and we should continue to do this.  

This is how I will disrupt HR:

I will disrupt HR by building a culture of self-awareness and continuous learning. A high EQ fuelled by a practice of self-awareness organization will always welcome cognitive diversity which will eventually lead to higher performance.

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