Article: Are You In The List winner 2023: Amrita Kaushal on leveraging tech to create future-ready organisations


Are You In The List winner 2023: Amrita Kaushal on leveraging tech to create future-ready organisations

The winner of People Matters Are You In The List Amrita Kaushal on why HR needs to be on a path of continuous learning, embrace change and grow with it.
Are You In The List winner 2023: Amrita Kaushal on leveraging tech to create future-ready organisations

Amrita Kaushal | Senior Manager - Human Resources | MakeMyTrip

With over a decade of experience, Amrita Kaushal, Senior Manager - Human Resources, MakeMyTrip, has worked across HR domains – from COE roles to HR business partnering. She believes each of her experiences has moulded her into a holistic HR professional who looks at business challenges through multiple lenses and is able to offer balanced solutions to organisational problems. 

Kaushal’s ability to understand what business needs along with what stakeholders want has enabled her to customise her interventions, making them more impactful. She believes her agility has helped her adapt to changing roles and business needs.

Human complexities the driving factor

So why did Kaushal choose HR? “Humans are complex – so many variables from their upbringing, to cultural beliefs and life situations, which truly makes them unique. I was intrigued by this complexity,” she said, adding that she finds managing talent, right from finding the right fit to nurturing them, challenging yet inspiring. 

The key pillar of HR - continuous growth

“I think the biggest challenge in today’s HR context is catering to Gen Z’s needs and motivations through sustainable solutions,” she said. “Access to the latest tech, flexibility, work-life balance – these are just a few of their basic needs.” 

“Many organisations solve for the present through short-lived interventions. But at MakeMyTrip, we think long-term and try to come up with scalable solutions by striking the right balance between personalisation and uniformity. We are always trying to create accountable leaders by providing the right amount of empowerment and growth opportunities,” she said. 

Elaborating more on the challenges she spoke about the increasing popularity of AI: “The advent of new technologies like ChatGPT has taught me the importance of continuous learning and moving fast. Organisations need to fuel an entrepreneurial mindset in the interest of long-term growth. We need to embrace change and grow with it. Exploring new tools and technological advancements and using them to create future-ready organisations is what we should strive for,” she said.  

Journeying with Are You In The List Awards

"As they say, the journey is the destination – for me, this assessment process has been a great learning platform. The personality and cognitive assessments pointed me in the right direction in terms of my working style and some aspects where I could possibly strengthen myself,” Kaushal said. 

She further said that participating in People Matters Are You In The List powered by Aon has provided her with a platform to challenge her learnings and also connect with industry experts. 

“The entire process was timely and extremely well managed making it a delightful experience!" she said. 

Vision for HR

Kaushal believes in approaching life and work with a lot of perseverance. “There are many different phases in life – I have considered every phase as a stepping stone in my learning journey. Each of these experiences have shaped me into the individual and professional I am today,” she said. 

Kaushal’s vision for 2024 is for HR to be centred around creating digitised and personalised experiences. 

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