Article: Leading in the new normal: The Leadercamp

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Leading in the new normal: The Leadercamp

What is all required to lead in the changed world when everything is uncertain and something that has not been experienced before?
Leading in the new normal: The Leadercamp

For all that has been said and written about uncertainty since COVID-19 emerged into public view, the global pandemic has had a clarifying effect. It has highlighted weaknesses in our planning, priorities, and systems, and it has revealed individuals’ and institutions’ true values. The crisis has held up a mirror to how leaders make decisions. It has also put the spotlight on many leaders’ best selves, on actions which may pay dividends going forward, in the form of greater workforce loyalty, increased flexibility to pivot to new opportunities, and employees emboldened to innovate and contribute to the greater good. 

Most successful organizations do not like volatility, randomness, uncertainty, disorder, errors, stressors, and chaos. Yet, we are in a world where disruption and randomness are increasing. Organizations that gain from randomness will dominate, and organizations that are hurt by it will go away.

The way forward requires a strategic, thoughtful, compassionate approach to leadership. 

So, what is all required to lead in the changed world when everything is uncertain and something that has not been experienced before?

In a first-of-its-kind workshop empowering leaders to build the skills they will need to succeed in a post-pandemic world, People Matters and Skillsoft bring to you The Leadercamp – A free, live, online instructor-led, and interactive learning experience designed to enable participants to lead through rapid change and crisis and create a way forward for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.  

This three-day Leadercamp will take participants through a leadership journey that starts with taking care of one’s self first – building leadership resilience, agility, responsiveness, and effectiveness – to inspiring, influencing, and engaging others, and ends with a strategic approach for enabling teams and organizations to design a path forward.  

In this Leadercamp, we will explore ways in which leaders can effectively address and plan for the human capital and business challenges facing so many of us today. It is designed to help leaders re-charge, re-think, and re-focus their leadership style in meaningful ways, and strengthen themselves and their organizations in the process.”  

Why should you attend the Leadercamp? 

Following the completion of The Leadercamp: Leading in the New Normal, leaders will be empowered to: 

  • Build resilience and agility to create an appropriate sense of urgency, to pivot, and to persevere effectively.
  • Deploy effective tools to engage and inspire teams during times of uncertainty and change.
  • Set leadership vision and strategy for forward momentum in complex, rapidly evolving environments. 


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