Article: Meet Monalisha, Are You In The List 2020 winner


Meet Monalisha, Are You In The List 2020 winner

Monalisha from Flipkart strives to play all her roles of life - A mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and a HR to the fullest. Her ability to connect the dots and think out of the box is something that makes her stand-out as a valuable team-member.
Meet Monalisha, Are You In The List 2020 winner

Monalisha | Human Resources Business Partner | Flipkart

A lady who is her own competition and is striving to play all her roles of life to the fullest - A mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and a HR, that’s how Monalisha describes herself.

As an HR professional, Monalisha has built organizations from scratch. She has transformed organizations to more effective ones through partnering with executive level leaders in building strategies, generating businesses and consistently better processes. She also has hands-on experience across all gamuts of HR and built fool proof Compensation and Talent Management.

“I have grown as a professional from a level of individual excellence to collaborating with others in getting things done to getting work done by other people where I do not have direct authority,” says Monalisha

She has always thrived to take responsibilities above and beyond her roles and has shown leadership traits throughout. She is considered one of the most dependable resources by her senior leaders. 

“My ability to connect the dots and think out of the box is something that makes me stand-out as a valuable team-member.”

Connecting the dots

Monalisha has a strong ability to connect the dots and strategic thinking which sets her apart. She has been able to integrate disconnected processes and data to create meaningful and outcome- based solutions which otherwise were not leveraged or underutilized. She believes she can see things in totality and thereby she constantly tries to create sustaining solutions. She shares that she was influenced by the HR of her first organization wherein her ability to bring out the true potential through providing opportunities and coaching managers inspired Monalisha to do great things about people and processes. She started developing more interest once she started off the journey of being a HR myself.

Creating ‘Talent Marketplace’: Her biggest talent priority

Monalisha wants to create a Talent Marketplace, where you get the right skilled and competent person for the right job. Her purpose is to create flexibility for both the organizations and the talent with neither party being completely bonded for a longer duration. A Talent Marketplace in her view can solve a lot of challenges like disengagement, performance issues, productivity and talent unavailability. She wants to create a solution wherein you can hire the best talent available for the desired task/project.

The one thing to change in HR 

Monalisha feels that many HR professionals feel themselves to be just a resource and not change makers. She adds on to say that it is high time for HR professionals to change their approach towards the work they do and the value they create.

The one thing to retain in HR

She wants to retain the people's centricity in Human Resources. She feels that HR somehow is missing out on maintaining people to continue to be core. 

Vision for HR's future growth

“I am excited to see HR scaling up the strategic ladder,“ shares Monalisha on asking about what excites her about the Future of HR. She feels that there should be a need to create an ecosystem to inspire the entry of the brightest of minds into HR and sustain a talent engine for HR. 

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