Article: Meet Nikita Doshi, Are You In The List 2019 winner


Meet Nikita Doshi, Are You In The List 2019 winner

Nikita Doshi from Publicis Sapient aspires to be an HR Influencer, contributing to the cause of enabling career opportunities for people 50+ years of age.
Meet Nikita Doshi, Are You In The List 2019 winner

Nikita Doshi | Manager - Learning, Talent & Culture | Publicis Sapient

With a background in Biotechnology and an MBA in HR from SIBM Bangalore, Nikita has worked in data-warehousing in Cognizant and then in the HR domain in Accenture and GE. In Publicis Sapient, she has held multiple roles and gained experience in Compensation & Benefits, Learning, Talent Management and Leadership Development.

Nikita’s vision is to be an HR Influencer contributing to the cause of enabling career opportunities for people 50+ years of age. She also works towards creating an impact in the field of Generational Diversity, Leadership Development and Wellness.

“I am in the HR domain to create on-demand personalized experiences for people, which enables them to grow and develop and eventually positively impact the bottomline,” shares Nikita Doshi, Manager - Learning, Talent & Culture, Publicis Sapient.

Creating impact in people’s lives

Always interested to learn more about the human behavior, Nikita believes that talent strategy is the primary contributor of organizational success. She shares that she has always endeavored to create HR practices that make people more competitive and committed. Besides driving various projects for her company, Nikita is also striving to create an impact at the macro level by sharing insights and her learnings through WassupHRByNikita on LinkedIn.

Risk- taking attitude: Key differentiator

Nikita strongly believes in ‘Try & Fail but never Fail to Try’.

According to her, it is her ability to take risks and challenge the status quo that differentiates her from the rest. Nikita is experimentative and likes to reinvent herself in every 18 to 24 months. She has also invested in creating her personal brand internally and externally. She spends a considerable time in gaining external industry perspective, building her external network by continuously contributing to external forums and building her company’s thought leadership in the industry. Part of NHRD Bangalore Young Advisory Board 2017-19 and now part of Executive Committee 2019-21, Nikita seems to be already on the path of becoming an HR influencer with a new feather - People Matters Are you in the list 2019 award, in her hat.

Removing the bias of age and gender: Key priority

Ageism at workplace and biases against people above 50 have been prevalent for a long time.

“I remember 4 years back when I proposed an idea at an entrepreneurship forum that would help provide career opportunities to people above 50, there were few takers,” recalls Nikita.

People want to work till at least 70 - 75 years to keep themselves physically fit, mentally engaged and financially secure. And given the recent trends and many reports the life span is further increasing, making it all the more important for companies to create opportunities for this ageing workforce.

Nikita believes that there is a historic opportunity for employers to tap into this segment. Leveraging the experience, knowledge, skills and loyalty of these people widens the pool of recruits and is good for the economy and good for business. She wants to introduce CareersAbove50 - Tapping the Wrinkles, Wit & Wisdom.

“Over 50s – the forgotten workforce are a real professional treasure that needs attention,” says Nikita.

With a clear focus of enabling the ageing workforce, let’s see how Nikita wants the HR function to evolve.

The one thing I will change in HR

I would want to add more science to our talent practices. The shift from ‘Know it All’ to ‘Learn it All’ among HR professionals is important. Science with Simplicity is the key and that is what I want to bring to HR.

The one thing I will retain in HR

Human touch and values, which are even more important to have in the age of automation. There is enough and more research to emphasize on the need for humility, empathy and compassion amongst today’s workforce. While the talent processes undergo automation, these values and behavioural attributes must not be forgotten.

Vision for HR's future growth

HR’s future growth will depend on creating value not just for the business but for the society at large. For that:

  • HR needs to invest in building its capability and transform.
  • HR needs to build its connectional intelligence (develop skills to enable and leverage the connections you already have for creating value).
  • HR desperately needs to work on its image brand perception within its company and outside.

In today’s era of 4th Industrial Revolution, HR needs to focus on its digital strategy. Employees are consumers and we need to be partners to them like Alexa which isn’t possible without effective systems and integrated technology.

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