Article: Moving beyond Hierarchies


Moving beyond Hierarchies

While its true that beyond a particular size it is imperative to create structures to have the modulated flow of work and processes; the lesser hierarchical an organization is, the better is accessibility and transparency in the organization.
Moving beyond Hierarchies
Being mother to school goings kids is great advantage, atleast in one way — you study yet again pretty much the whole curriculum that was never interesting, when you were in school. So, while studying history with my 12 year old is when I realized, the hierarchies and putting people in levels, is something that was created long back by certain category of people for their convenience and getting themselves more advantageous positions with respect to authority, power, and money. The system then created to give them advantage over others and somewhere over a period of time got accepted as the caste system in our country and in some format became part of our DNA and the way we were brought up. We bear its burden even today.  Since it’s in our DNA, it’s bound to be an integral part of how we structure and run organizations. While the overall corporate ecosystem is undergoing a lot of changes with the concept of startups and MNC culture coming to India, a larger chu...
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Topics: Leadership, #KillHierarchies

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