Article: The soccer spectacle fifa - 2014


The soccer spectacle fifa - 2014

The biggest sporting event of 2014 brought the concepts of leadership and performance to the fore
The soccer spectacle fifa - 2014

When an organization shows leniency towards a star performer, is it in its long-term interest?


In this VUCA world, collaboration and team work far outruns individual brilliance

The FIFA World Cup is unarguably the biggest global sporting event. The 2014 edition in Brazil was watched by more than 26 billion people across the world and economists peg its contribution to the Brazilian economy at $3.03 billion. Further, if we consider the indirect and induced financial transactions, the total contribution would hover around a whooping $11 billion! EY estimates job creation in Brazil from FIFA 2014 to approximately 3.6 million new jobs contributing to approximately 4 per cent a year to the country’s economic growth. As an economy, the wave of new jobs that the country produced as a result of the mega event and its long-term contribution to the nation’s economy is hard to ignore. After Beijing Olympics 2008, it altered the world’s view about the nation and the economy. From the erstwhile perceptions of an impervious culture, China suddenly became part of the global tourist and business map. It is fascinating to observe the socio-cultural and econ...
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