Article: View from the Top | Tash Pieterse, Leadership Coach


View from the Top | Tash Pieterse, Leadership Coach

Forget chasing after the state of perfect balance. Leadership coach Tash Pieterse recommends a better approach.
View from the Top | Tash Pieterse, Leadership Coach

Just the idea of having a perfect balance in life can be enticing, but often, striving for this perfect scenario ends up leading us to a path of self-doubt and overwhelming stress, a seasoned leadership and mindset coach said.

According to Tash Pieterse, a leadership coach with a rich experience in the HR space, instead of chasing after the state of perfect balance in every area of life, a leader must choose to focus only on the present and the things one can control as life is a constant ebb and flow.

“When you’re fixated on trying to find ultimate balance, you try to control the waves that will always inevitably come. So, instead of aiming for perfect balance or trying to figure out the best way to bring every single area into perfect harmony, take a step back and come back to presence and let that be your foundation,” she said.

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Tash admits that coming back to the “now” can be difficult when there is too much noise, that’s why it’s important to find time to meditate, journal, get enough rest, do physical activities, spend time with nature, and talk to friends.

These exercises, done consistently, will help a person get the energy and space that would allow one to reflect, see the present more clearly, and ask what the most important things are at the moment, blocking out all the other noise in the process.

“There is no perfection in life and there definitely isn't the perfect balance between everything you have going on. So, it's important to strip back the expectation and instead focus on how you can be more present in your life so you can enjoy each moment and realise that it's all perfect,” she said.

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Tash has been an independent and certified leadership coach for four years, providing support for high-level leaders and HR professionals who are bothered with thoughts and feelings of self-doubt and low confidence.

Before that, she had been in the HR space for over a decade, working for different sectors including a stint with the Ministry of Education of New Zealand.

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