Article: 5 must-read books on HR, work and skills for 2022

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5 must-read books on HR, work and skills for 2022

Amid uncertainty, reading can help us not only to cope with changes, but also to keep an open mind.
5 must-read books on HR, work and skills for 2022

There is no doubt people have turned to reading to find some semblance of normalcy in a volatile world. We may not always have the answers to our most pressing questions on business, society and culture right away, but knowing that there are voices in the HR community who provide new perspectives can inspire us to take courage and to keep learning.

While uncertainty in a pandemic economy continues to shape priorities around the world, one thing that remains top of mind for everyone is the desire to stay up to date on business and work trends, prepare for challenges ahead, and maintain a 'big picture' vision of all the disruptions taking place. Reading can help us not only to cope with changes, but also to keep an open mind.

To help our readers get started, People Matters now presents a list of must-read books on HR, work and skills for 2022 as recommended by experts in the field:


The Extended Mind by Annie Murphy Paul

"In The Extended Mind, Annie Murphy explores how we can leverage our body, the workspaces and our relationships to become better learners. This book was my best read in 2021," says Abhijit Bhaduri, columnist and management consultant.

The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change by Michelle MiJung Kim

"Kim's clear writing combined with the deep compassion she brings to the work of justice and social change in the workplace is revolutionary. For anyone who's made commitments to grow as an inclusive leader or who claims to want to build an inclusive and equitable workplace, this absolutely must be a reference book on their desk," says Aubrey Blanche, Senior Director of Equitable Design, Product & People, Culture Amp.

The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates

"The Moment of Lift should be required reading for everyone, especially those focusing on gender diversity. This book talks about the importance of uplifting women who comprise half the population and how it is a win-win and benefits the company, family, society and nation as a whole," says Viji Hari, CEO of Cecure Us and author of Break the Taboo.

7 Powers: The Foundations of Business Strategy by Hamilton W. Helmer

"The book that resonated strongly this year was 7 Powers. We've had Porter's model for a strategy for decades. However, the dynamism of the world and a shift in competitive advantage needed a new model. This is what Hamilton Helmer introduces to us in this book. Strategic differentiation for the era of rapid disruption. It's a must-read," says Gurprriet Singh, Managing Director, APAC Regional Leader of Leadership & Succession, at Russell Reynolds Associates.

Think Again by Adam Grant

Last but certainly not the least, the entire People Matters Editorial Team recommends another ground-breaking work from Adam Grant.

Think Again is a powerful book that shows us the value of rethinking our assumptions about the world we live in. The capacity to learn and unlearn can help us achieve excellence at work and in life. This book is a valuable addition to anyone seeking to learn deeply about the culture of learning and the value of keeping an open mind.

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