Article: Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: MECCA Brands

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Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: MECCA Brands

MECCA Brands inspires employees to live the life of a customer to truly empathize with their needs and connect with them
Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: MECCA Brands

Fast facts: Rank: 1


Number of employees: 747, Headquarters: Sydney, Founder and CEO: Jo Horgan


MECCA Brands has a story that inspires. Being a fashion brand, the company believes in making every employee look, feel and live the life of its customers. That’s the only way the company believes it can serve its customers in the right spirit. Working at MECCA is an empowering experience, where an employee has the right to take decisions and even break the rules if required. MECCA calls it ‘doing the wrong thing for the right reason’.

The company’s culture is driven by customer feedback and it has developed various ways to share it. The company openly shares customer feedback with every employee to reinforce the importance of getting customer service right and the flow-on effect on people’s lives when we deliver or don’t hit the mark.  Customer love letters and feedback as well as customer complaints are shared internally so that improvements at an individual, department or company level can be made. Some of the ways customer feedback is shared with the teams are through the company newsletter, a support centre, Monday morning meetings, direct emails, customer feedback walls at its support centres and through weekly store communication packs.

Doing whatever it takes to make every customer interaction exceptional is one of MECCA’s core values. MECCA employees are provided with the tools, training and support to deliver. However, the employees are also given permission and empowered to break the rules where they deem it fair and reasonable in order to achieve a positive outcome for the customer. This gives employees the trust that they know what they are doing and encourages innovation for future development of the company.

The majority of MECCA Brands reward and recognition programs are not sales outcome based, but rather based around the input behaviours and actions of employees. Employees are rewarded for being values ambassadors, receiving positive customer feedback, achieving a 100 per cent customer experience report result or for working together as a team.

Every MECCA Brands employee receives an annual Achievement and Development Review. MECCA believes that by living and breathing the values, high performance will naturally flow. Therefore, during the in-depth review discussion, KPI outcomes are put to one side with the focus being around the values and input behaviours, including where the employee is an ambassador for the values as well as where the employee could improve or develop against the values.

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