Article: How HR can identify & resolve growing passion deficit ?

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How HR can identify & resolve growing passion deficit ?

Growing passion deficit in an organisation can be a threat to an organisation's productivity, talent retention, and the bottom line. Let's read to understand how HR professionals can identify this growing concern and what can be done to kindle passion amongst employees.
How HR can identify & resolve growing passion deficit ?

As Edward Morgan Forster famously once said, 'One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.’ It is no longer radical to say that passionate employees lead to better performance and productivity. They are more focused, engaged and committed towards their organizational goals.  

“Leaders must create a work environment where people are not just engaged but they are actually passionate about the organization they work for .The researchers have pinpointed that overall large majority of employees are passionate about the organization or job. But out of these, only half of them are passionate about their organization, which is a cause of concern. Even the top performers can feel disconnected with the organization and may start looking for options outside. Therefore, analyzing the situation, researchers have created a phrase called ‘Passion Deficit’,” explained by Milind Jadhav, CEO-Celectigence at Mumbai NIPM National Conference 2016. 

Three key significant reasons for passion deficit in an organization 

1. Perception of lack of high standard of honesty in the organization- Honesty is important. Passionate people exit because they perceive that their organization does not have high ethical standards.

2. Perception of lack of meaningfulness to the work employees are doing – Majorly employees don’t have a line of sight to the end results of work they are doing. They really need to understand -what they are doing and what their purpose is. 

3. Perception of lack of trust and respect between management and employees –Employees and management need to have a dependable bond with each other. It is crucial and vital for employee preservation in long run.


 The Solution: ‘The Passion Pyramid’ 

Passion Pyramid

“The clear pattern that emerges in the pyramid is that- the employees do need following for their sustainability. They need respect that is the basic, they want to learn and grow in their careers and organization and, they look forward to making meaning contributions. Being inclusive is another powerful thing. They want to be part of inner core circle of the organization. Topping all of this is, they want to be at winning side- the team that wins,” elucidates Milind Jadhav, CEO-Celectigence at Mumbai NIPM National Conference 2016. 

The Passion Pyramid identifies five fundamentals that ignite passion in any employee. Also, it highlights the leadership skills required to create the conditions to satisfy each need of the employees, and also it highpoints the outcome or payoff to the organization when each aspiration of the employee is met.

Undoubtedly, passionate employees are key players in an organization as they deliver exceptionally well to the customers. Moreover, passion contributes more towards value creation than any other human capability. The more passionate the employees are the more value they will deliver and it is a value that your competitors cannot match.

Source : The Passion Pyramid™ by Intégro Leadership Institute 

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