Article: Building culture one person at a time

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Building culture one person at a time

Sapient CEO Alan Herrick tells People Matters how to create a positive, sustainable corporate culture
Building culture one person at a time

People are very smart; they’ll tune into what you care about. If you tend to a goal like profitability more than you tend to your value system, they’ll notice that

Q. Take us through how the company got started. What was the philosophy in building the organization and what was the role of people at that time? A. If you go back to 1991, the founding ideal was about impact. The world didn’t need another consulting company. Our founders Jerry (Greenberg) and Stuart (Moore) focused on value, culture and vision of purpose before they had any people in the company. The original purpose has evolved over the years, but it’s all in the same genre: To make a huge dent in the world. In terms of people, the idea was that if you could have really smart people, if you could have a differentiating approach, and you could put those two together, you’d have the ingredients of a pretty great company right there. There was a lot about the relationship between people and talent. That’s why we use “Sapient People” and not employees because we don’t want that contractual relationship; we are in a journey together. People deba...

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Amid this new business imperative called EX, organizations are increasingly directing their focus on enhancing not only the professional prospects of their workforce but also their employees’ cumulative professional experience and creating that 'aha' moments. In this issue, we take a look at the right mix of physical, digital and emotional experiences that can help organizations elevate the employee experience, and more importantly the roadblocks that organizations face to create a home-away-home.

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