Article: Be a 'misfit' to get hired


Be a 'misfit' to get hired

Are you ready to break the boundaries and are not afraid to ask questions in the most inappropriate time? If yes, then Sapient India is looking for you.
Be a 'misfit' to get hired

Do you ask too many questions? Is it that your curiosity can actually kill a cat? Are you never satisfied with the answers you receive from your superiors? Do you often question the statusquo? And then you are deemed to be the ‘misfit’ since you are the single-most disruptive thing in the system. You get the flak because you don’t mind speaking the truth. If you are on leave because you had a break-up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you say that too. You don’t unnecessarily praise your boss to get the promotion or to get your leaves sanctioned. You let your work do the talking yet appreciation is far from reality for you. 

This Sapient India video on hiring strikes the right chord with all the wrong fits we have in the organizations – who are just there to do what you don’t do. They are lazy, but not when it comes to buttering the bosses/colleagues to get their work done. And Sapient India is definitely not looking for them. They are looking for you – the usual ‘misfits’, the ‘different’ thinkers and those who choose to stay relevant in a constantly changing world. The company through their ‘Troublemakers’ campaign is looking for those people who are ready to break the boundaries and are not afraid to ask questions in the most ‘inappropriate’ time. Enjoy this video!

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