Article: Forward thinking recruitment practices


Forward thinking recruitment practices

Lets read and understand certain forward thinking recruiting practices that not only help to provide better employee hiring experience but also leads to improved company performance.
Forward thinking recruitment practices

When hiring, the goal is to select the best candidate to fit into the business, and to establish right from the start a clear understanding of the new hire's working conditions. If we plan ahead and complete the key steps of a recruitment and hiring process, our time will be well invested. 

Recruiters should treat the hiring process as the most important strategic planning of a company needs. Why? Because every new employee will either improve the organization or lower it – and recruiters should seek and hire employees who enable the company to grow and to become more profitable.

Increased hiring usually means there is optimism about a company’s future, and that’s a great sign. However, recruiting department may be understaffed due to years of economic downturn, and hiring managers may be overworked. For example, Talent acquisition solutions from Oracle help you keep up with the demand for new employees through automated sourcing, recruiting, and on-boarding. Moreover, they offer ease of use, increased efficiency, and dramatically lower costs. Automated sourcing functionality lets in-house recruiters handle more of the ever increasing load quickly and efficiently, leading to reduced reliance on agencies and other third-party vendors. This saves money and gives greater control over hiring efforts.

Automated sourcing can also boost the number of new hires you get through referrals from current employees, in addition to improving referral quality and reducing time to hire and cost per hire. Once a candidate accepts your offer, automated on-boarding processes ensure they move from new hire to productive employee as quickly and painlessly as possible. One gains the high-end look and consumer-friendly feel of a modern talent acquisition solution without having to ramp up a computer infrastructure or maintain the system. Users are happy with accessible graphics and customizable dashboards that display data in the manner they find most helpful.

A talent acquisition solution in the cloud lets us automate and streamline the recruiting process to greatly improve recruiting. It can be configured to meet our specific requirements today, and it offers supporting solutions and partners to meet our needs tomorrow. For example, Monsanto implemented Oracle’s cloud-based recruiting solution and streamlined the hiring process from 31 steps to 12, approved new hires 70 percent faster, and cut the number of approvals needed by 55 percent. These benefits greatly decreased the burden on HR and hiring managers, and millions of dollars in talent search costs were saved by having a global database of nearly 400,000 candidates at recruiters’ fingertips. A full 60% of survey respondents have updated or are currently updating and revamping their talent-sourcing strategy, and another 27 percent are considering changes, says Deloitte Consulting and Bersin by Deloitte, “Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21st-Century Workforce,” Deloitte University Press, 2014. Similarly, CEOs see serious talent management challenges ahead, and 93 percent say they recognize the need to change their strategy for attracting and retaining talent, as per PwC, “17th Annual Global CEO Survey,” 2014.Here are trends that are important to begin thinking about and improving upon today:

Talent Analytics: It relates to leveraging human capital data across the HR function to better understand the employees, their impact on the organization and in turn better retain the best ones at organization. These analytics which should span the entire recruitment strategy (job boards, Career Site, web sourcing, email communications, referrals, social, mobile, etc.) can help to understand what recruitment activities that we focus our time and energy on that produce the best talent for the organization.  

Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing:  It refers to everything one needs to find & attract active and passive candidates. This includes all efforts from mobile, social, job boards, SEO, career site, employer branding, talent Network, referrals and niche sites. It’s ensuring that these initiatives work together in a process and strategy that enables to build better Talent Database, brand the organization and improve the candidate experience with all the analytics needed to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Device Agnostic:  Mobile Recruiting is one of the biggest trends in today’s marketplace and rightfully so.  Mobile devices continue to outpace computer sales and  is one device that candidates always have with them. One needs to make sure their process, communications and branding are available on all devices. This includes supporting all web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.), mobile devices and whatever may come in the future.  

Engagement & Communication:  Whether it’s through email, social media, SMS or the career site messaging, it’s becoming more important for organizations to better communicate and engage with candidates before they apply. The better this strategy, the more increased applicant flow, improved candidate quality and a better perceived employer brand.

An improved economic outlook is driving organizations to seek opportunities for growth, with a subsequent surge in hiring. Far-reaching changes in technology, however, have made a significant impact on methods of talent acquisition. For example, multichannel sourcing powered by digital recruiting and social media is becoming the norm, often leading to vast numbers of applicants to assess. In spite of such changes, our mandate is still to quickly ensure the best hire is made from all candidates. Additionally, once a candidate is hired, it’s our job to make sure they have everything they need to hit the ground running. It can also offer unprecedented insight into the success of recruiting staff and strategies, to boost talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness.






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