Article: Need-to-know facts about recruiting millennial candidates


Need-to-know facts about recruiting millennial candidates

Here's what recent research has to say about this generation
Need-to-know facts about recruiting millennial candidates

By the time we reach 2030, it’s estimated that over 75% of the entire workforce will be millennial candidates. In fact, this generation is already started to infiltrate companies and businesses around the world, and it won’t be long before you start seeing them everywhere. As a business owner or a recruiter, it’s important you know how to address these individuals as its renowned that this is, by far, one of the most diverse generations the world has ever seen.

Experience Isn’t Everything

There is a vicious cycle that’s common in the job-seeking world. It’s the fact that many employers want young and proactive people like the millennials demographic, but they want years of career experience behind them. Many people say they can’t get a job without experience.

However, millennials are a hard-working generation and will lap up the opportunities to prove themselves in this aging world. Not every millennial who comes to your company looking for a job will have a background of multiple part-time jobs and internships, but it’s important that you look past this factor as the generation is renowned for being the most educated so far.

They Thrive When Given the Opportunity

Remember the days as a boss when you told someone to complete a task, and you’d have to check back on them later to ensure it’s carried out properly at all. This is no longer the case. As mentioned above, Millennials thrive when given the opportunity to flourish and prove themselves, but this can only be accomplished if given the opportunities in the first place.

Diana Russell, the recruiting manager for Academized, explains, “The millennial generation holds a ton of value when it comes to developing skills. Even if the millennial is extremely hard working in what they do, if you don’t provide them with opportunities, especially when it comes to progress, you’ll soon find that they are leaving your company for somewhere that does.”

Redefining Job Searching

Millennials have grown up in an age where everything is instant and online. In fact, Indeed, a job-seeking industry giant, found that as many as 78% of millennials were applying for jobs directly from their smartphones. Similarly, 80% of all job searches start from a mobile device. Many application processes are now completed online or through social media. This is the best way to catch the most talented millennials in your company.

Tara Massey, recruiting expert, states, “The game has changed when it comes to recruiting the best of the best. It’s now possible to use websites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to apply for jobs so why would a millennial spend hours writing out a form or application. Consider this. If your competitors have updated and refined their recruitment techniques, and you haven’t, guess where the top talent is going to go?”

Relax Your Interviews

Interviews were once seen as an extremely formal procedure that nobody looked forward to. It was over the thought for weeks until a phone call was heard. As a recruiter, you’d be looking to see if the candidate has carried out their research, but don’t worry, they will have. A millennial doesn’t just want to work for any old company. You can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll conduct thorough research of your company and its culture before they come to an interview. One report from PwC discovered that millennials are actively on the lookout for a company that matches their values, both in terms of the mission statement and overall company culture.

Provide them with Feedback

This is in the interest of both you and your hired millennial. Maybe it’s because they’ve grown up in an age where everything they do is liked and commented on, maybe it isn’t, but Millennials crave feedback. If they need to improve on something, as long as you’re not rude, let them know, and they’ll be more than happy to help. Likewise, if they’re excelling in a role, let them know. This is a confidence boost they need to continue prospering in your business.

Although this may not seem like a millennials-only trait, it’s definitely more common for millennials to be transparent in their requirements for feedback

Richard Drury, the HR Manager for Paper Fellows, confirms, “Providing your Millennials with feedback on how they are doing is the best way to motivate and engage them in your business, as it should be with all your employees. For millennials, it’s been proven that this is most effective when feedback is provided every month.”

Finding the Work-Life Balance

Another thing you should consider is that millennials will want to balance their work life and their personal life. If you’re forcing down the hours and not granting days off, within reason, for social events and affairs, you’ll find that they’ll leave extremely quickly to companies that will. If you have a role within your company that they can work from home, why not let them do that? Millennials thrive and have been proven to be so much more productive when given freedom in their work. An HR spokesperson from the State of Writing even stated that the more freedom you give, the more work you’ll see produced.

Remember That You May Be Temporary

The chances are that a millennial is only using your company to earn money while they start-up their businesses or projects. Millennials possess a certain kind of entrepreneur mindset which you’ll need to remember. If you’re not good for them and don’t provide them with opportunities, they’ll quickly change jobs to a company that will respect them for who they are. 

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