Article: A whiff of change in talent landscape


A whiff of change in talent landscape

While the impact of RBI doling out more banking licences and the increased cap for FDI in the insurance sector will not be felt immediately, companies have already begun efforts to attract and retain talent
A whiff of change in talent landscape

Front-end roles like corporate and retail ­banking are looking at ­expansion but will see the most ­attrition


The rise in the competition will have a direct impact on the demand for ready talent and open the ground for poaching

Where an institution is, in its time trajectory, is fundamentally dependent not just on the sum total of its individual human capital, but on how effectively it draws out the best from its talent bank at any point of time, through effective placements, performance appraisal, rewards and recognition mechanism…Today management itself has come to mean how to attract talented people, how to nurture them, how to develop them and to give them the necessary space. Indeed, when it comes to Human Resources, it is a great humbling factor – the best of knowledge workers who have ready answers for just about every technical issue are necessarily humbled when it comes to human resources. When we deal with humans, there are questions, issues and concerns – but no ready answers, no quick fixes, no instant remedies. It is thus with humility, but humility combined with a will to succeed that we can approach any Human Resource subject.  This is part of a speech th...

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