Article: Recruitment, compliance, HRMS: People Matters TechHR Startup Program had it all


Recruitment, compliance, HRMS: People Matters TechHR Startup Program had it all

This year, a diverse range of startups enrolled for People Matters TechHR Startup Program with solutions that were innovative, cutting-edge and will play an integral role in improving and streamlining people function.
Recruitment, compliance, HRMS: People Matters TechHR Startup Program had it all

In the last eight years, People Matters Startup Program has seen over 5600 applicants vying for the coveted space with Asia’s largest VCs, investors and worktech enthusiasts. And this year was no different with over 36 startups getting the unique opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with renowned mentors and investors such as Hidekazu Ito, Managing Director of Mynavi Solutions India and Board Member of People Matters, Sajith Pai, Venture Capitalist at Blume Ventures, Radhika Agarwal, Investment Team at Blume Ventures, Shrishti Sahu, Managing Partner/Angel Investor at Swadharma Source Ventures, Piyush Jha, Managing Director (India & APAC) of GlobalLogic, Aditya Kohli, CHRO, Orient Electric and Anjali Chatterjee, CHRO, Air Asia, among others. Across the two-day conference, the startups engaged in small, personalised sessions, receiving invaluable guidance to fine-tune their business strategies from HR, business and talent leaders, setting them on a path to stand out amidst fierce competition. Maybe the next unicorn could be on the verge of emerging from this list of startups!

From recruitment to hiring, wellness, learning and development and HRMS, this year’s startups showcased their diverse solutions and products, which can help streamline and improve people function within your organisation. Here is the first list of the startups, who were a part of People Matters Startup Program:

Talent On Lease 

With the vision of ‘making available right resources at the right time and at the right cost,’ Talent On Lease was founded by Daya Prakash, Sanjeev Matta and Parvesh Dhingra. A new age online platform, it was created by these industry veterans to provide access to a diverse set of clients across the country who have urgent IT requirements for critical projects on a regular basis. Its sole basis is to bring clients and partners together on a single platform to collaborate for mutual gains. Today, it has over 100 clients and more than 70 partners, who’ve connected and collaborated through the platform. For all your IT needs, Talent On Lease is here for you!


A cloud-based smart calling recruitment solution, Rootle was born out of a need to improve hiring and help organisations and employers find a good fit faster, every time. It listens, records and talks to candidates based on the defined presets and at their own convenience. The main highlights of the product include smart calling with non-linear screening, customising calls with a transcript of the responses and automating recurring tasks such as follow-ups and scheduling. The result is reduced time to hire and cost per hire with more efficient pre-screening. 

TRST Score

Said to be world’s only human risk mitigation platform, it was created by Sudhakar Raja, CEO and founder of TRST Score with a clear vision to mitigate the risk of candidate’s recruitment, checking employment records, educational records and ensuring ethical behaviour of individuals and extended workforce such as agents, consultants, interns, part-time workers, gig workers, students and partners. For talent acquisition teams, it is a useful tool to assess candidates who have previously accepted offers but not joined firms, moonlighted, were involved in fraudulent practices or fabricated their documents. Based on the TRST score, organisations can hire only trusted employees. 


A comprehensive employee wellbeing and engagement platform, MantraCare offers mental and physical wellness solutions, which are both affordable and personalised. With the vision of providing ‘better health and better life’, the healthcare programs on the platform adapt to your care needs. With a dedicated team, peer support and interactive lessons, MantraCare is available 24/7 virtually and is perfect for organisations looking to find the perfect health partner for their employees. From online therapy to yoga meditation and PCOS, it’s time to create unique and personalised healthcare path for you. 


Founded in 2016, iamneo is an AI-powered edtech organisation headquartered in Coimbatore. The vision to establish the startup was to empower enterprises and universities through tailored learning and assessment solutions. For founder and CEO, TP Senthil Kumar, the sole aim was to craft a suite of tailored solutions for learning, upskilling, recruiting, and assessment that caters to the unique and varied needs - all under one roof. From neocoder to neohire, neocolab, neopat and neoexam, the platform has served over 300 clients. 


Is your organisation looking to recruit and retain top talent, identify and develop leaders and high-performing teams? If so, look no further! With Taledge, a cutting-edge assessment and development solution, you can unlock untapped potential, steer personal development, and drive exceptional achievements across various organisational levels. It was envisioned to equip organisations with industry-ready talent by utilising curated tools, methodologies and domain experts. Not just organisations, Taledge also serves individuals and institutes and has collaborated with over 700 clients. 

Skizzle HR  

An HRMS software, Skizzle HR offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline HR operations and enhance organisational productivity. Acting as a central hub, it connects and streamlines all of your HR processes, from recruiting and onboarding to performance management and payroll. The one-stop solution was designed in 2020 to simplify and automate many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with HR management. With affordable and flexible plans, you can customise it according to your business requirements. 


An all-in-one employment stack, Gloroots has enabled global expansion and streamlined it to a few clicks. With the motto ‘hire globally, pay locally’, the solution is available in over 140 geographies and has made global employment simple and scalable with the right mix of technology, in-house expertise and exemplary customer service. If you’ve found the talent, but lack the global stack to employ them, Gloroots’ got you covered 24x7 with features such as global payroll, global EOR, localised benefits, workforce management and contractor management. 

Thriving Springs 

Born with the vision to ‘enable people to learn better with modern LXP’, Thriving Springs has personalised employee learning through futuristic EI-based, AI-powered employee learning platform. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, it has changed the way employees learn as it analyses every interaction and provides valuable insights into individual process and overall engagement. With new features such as seamless integration, personalised learning paths and measurable impact and ROI, it’s time to bid goodbye to boring trainings and upgrade to Thriving Springs with more than 100 pre-built content journeys and practices. 


With the aim to build ‘one API for all your integrations,’ Knit was born to ship and scale integrations faster. You can add hundreds of third party applications to your app with the Knit Unified API. It links, authorises, syncs and manages your HR tech stack so you can connect with multiple ATS, HRIS, accounting, CRM and chat tools. Get Knit to streamline all your native integrations, so you can focus 100 percent on upgrading your product. The platform has continuously strived to make software integrations quick, easy and less resource-intensive. 


Co-founders Sharthok Chakraborty and Arti Roy created Klaar with the vision to create a world where work is passion, not just an obligation. The performance management, talent development and people engagement platform fits into your work, is easy to use and cuts down on admin load by 90 percent. It transforms employees into top performers, managers into effective leaders, and organisations into the best places to work seamlessly. An intuitive yet robust platform, it drives its own adoption with in-built best practices and amazing UI and UX. With Klaar, you can have all-in-one platform with best-in-class solution. 

Skills Caravan 

A one-stop learning and development platform, Skills Caravan was created to transform learning in organisations by designing a new approach to lifelong learning that is personalised, flexible and cost-efficient. It offers 20,000 courses across 10 industries to over 1000 learners. For co-founders Sarita Chand and Dinesh Chaudhary, there was a need to create an L&D platform that looks at learning as a service to enable a culture of learning with significant, long-term positive impact. The cutting-edge AI-powered recommendation engine crafts tailored courses based on individual preferences (self-paced, online, or offline), ensuring a highly engaging and immersive learning experience.


With the vision to empower talent and enable success, TruSkillsForce is a one-stop solution to unlock the potential of qualified professionals. With user-friendly interface, data privacy and security and AI-driven skills matching, the recruitment platform aims to match the appropriate, verified skills to the right roles and simplify hiring and skill mapping. It believes in fostering an environment of trust, transparency, and equal opportunities in the job market and has been known to improve hiring decisions and secure recruitment process. For talent managers, this could be an efficient and useful tool to manage the workforce.


ComplyAny is an industry-agnostic GRC monitoring one-size-fits-all SaaS platform meant for individuals, professionals, MSMEs and large corporates majorly for regulatory and internal governance aspects. It helps generate a unique compliance score along with a report stating the health of compliances within an organisation. Through the platform, you can connect all functions and departments of an organisation and save money spent on fines, penalties, and avoidable litigations. ComplyAny enables you to monitor, control, and make yourself and you organisation future-ready for any evidentiary requirements. It has served more than 500 customers with risk management, compliance and governance. 


A simple and intuitive SaaS platform, Datalligence AI is said to be one of the best Objective and Key Result (OKR) softwares for 10X growth. It has empowered over 1000 teams with aligning clear objectives and annual goals, tracking key results in real-time, and measuring progress seamlessly. Through the OKR management platform, organisations can implement agile performance management for diverse, virtual teams with continuous feedback and a goal-oriented framework, that in turn, creates a culture of ongoing performance improvement and identifies and nurture the right talent for success. The features include best onboarding support, OKR coaching and consulting along with OKR roll-out for engaged and connected teams. 

Resiliency Program

As we all know that a resilient workforce is a productive workforce, Resiliency Program was designed to measure and reduce workplace burnout and enable adaptive thinking within organisations. Inspired by the vision of Dr Zodkoy, Resiliency Program utilises an advanced SaaS technology platform for a thoughtful and scientific approach to tackle burnout’s harsh reality. The program, available to individuals and teams provides recommendations to make lifestyle changes, manage burnout symptoms, and mindfulness training along with a variety of engaging online and in-person workshops to foster a positive impact. In the end, you gain increased productivity, decreased sick days and employee turnover.


The platform brings forth HRMS on WhatsApp with features for attendance management, leave management, paycheck management, reimbursement management and onboarding management. With just a few clicks, Munshi helps cut down on resources and tons of man hours leaving managers with better accessibility, improved communication, real-time updates, efficient data tracking and reduced discrepancies. 


For Tacnique, whose tagline says, ‘fast hiring, faster growth’, the AI-driven cloud hiring platform has revolutionised the way engineers find jobs. It enables organisations to build agile and accountable technology teams at blazing speed. Through the platform, organisations can grow their engineering teams with just a few clicks and the end result is, top talent with a global reach. The idea for the platform (by founder Maulik Bengali and co-founder Rahul Jain) was born with the belief that the most extensive part of the recruitment process is time. Tacnique helps leaders solve this bottleneck by accomplishing higher results in shorter periods of time. 

Mauka Education 

An edtech platform, Mauka Education unlocks your team’s true potential as it envisions to transform confidence, competence and communication. By upskilling organisations in soft skills, the training helps to turn managers into leaders, inculcate problem solving abilities, improve productivity and efficiency and develop empathy. The on-demand courses are engaging and highly interactive carried out by certified trainers with the option to avail it at individual convenience and preferences. Sagar Menon, CEO has designed personalised offerings in an effort for learners to consume, practice and reflect upon the learnings. 

Stay tuned to find out about the other 17 startups, who participated in the People Matters TechHR Startup Program.



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