Article: Catastrophe and its fight- Ebola


Catastrophe and its fight- Ebola

The Ebola outbreak highlighted that a crisis can strike at any time, anywhere and it is vital to be prepared at all times
Catastrophe and its fight- Ebola

It is important for an employer to have disaster recovery plans in place in the face of any global epidemic


Commitment to the community and society is one of the key factors that millennial generations consider while choosing an employer

With a 71 per cent mortality rate, no fear gripped the world greater than the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014. The first signs of the disease were reported in the West African nation of Guinea, and within a short span of time spread across many other countries, including Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone and Senegal. It was a phenomenon to observe and sympathize for the rest of the world before a couple of reported cases in the United States and Spain made the fear real and present. In no time, airports and other entry ports in countries across the globe started to equip themselves to prevent the spread of the disease. More than 17,000 suspected cases of Ebola were reported until the end of November 2014 leading to more than 6000 deaths. The emergence and spread of Ebola made us aware of some harsh realities of existence in our times. It’s a global village The virus was first detected in December 2013, in the small country of Guinea and within a few months, it became a global phenomenon....
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