Article: Organizations' expectations from the new-age workforce

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Organizations' expectations from the new-age workforce

The new generation is full of energy and vibrant ideas and organizations need to channelize them correctly

The new-age workforce better known as the ‘millennials’ are characterized by increased diversity, longer work life expectancies, knowledge workers, flexi-work hours, more entrepreneurial and with a greater strive to maintain work-life balance.

With the uprising of this generation of workforce, organizations have varied expectations from them, a few of which have been enlisted below:

Transforming the work culture

The new-age workforce has better knowledge about their specific work areas and greater awareness about their own skills and competencies. Obtaining knowledge has always been very easy for this generation and hence they always have plenty of resources at their disposal. By effective use of technology & knowledge, organizations expect them to transform the work culture making it quicker & better.

Cultural Sensitivity

Brought up in the cyber dominated world, the millennials are open-minded people, well-connected with and aware about the rest of the world. Organizations expect them to be collaborative, transparent and open to new ideas like trans-national teams and thereby reducing the cultural barriers.


Most of the businesses nowadays are moving towards 24*7 and borderless operations. The Web 2.0 has further transformed the client engagement scenario. In such conditions, it is required for companies to be really fast in terms of connectivity, communication with clients and technological updates. They are majorly relying on the millennials to ensure hyper-connectivity.

Women in path-breaking roles

According to a 2013 study in India by the Family & Work Institute, among the millennials (under the age of 29), women are as likely as men to opt for jobs with greater responsibility. The women in the new-age workforce are more adventurous and entrepreneurial than ever. Organizations expect a lot of women to take up top positions, justify them and bring about a balance in boardroom gender diversity.

Integrating innovation into the organizational genes

The millennials are largely achievement oriented. They value meaningful and challenging work. They are autonomous yet participative and give a great significance to learning and mentoring. Organizations are recruiting this new Generation Y workforce in order to incorporate a culture of innovation driven by smart work.

While all the organizations simultaneously shift their focus to the new-age workforce, it will be vital how they utilize their strengths channelizing their energies in the right direction.

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