Article: Cautious optimism in Indian Employment Market

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Cautious optimism in Indian Employment Market

The TeamLease Jobs & Salary Primer 2017 paints an optimistic picture of job and salary growth
Cautious optimism in Indian Employment Market
India Inc. is in the middle of fundamental and far-reaching changes, and is staring at automation, global protectionist sentiments and uncertainty in global politics right in the eyes. In such a dynamic and evolving environment, it becomes necessary to pause and look at the bigger picture, and see where we are headed. TeamLease Services, the staffing firm, recently released the ‘TeamLease Jobs & Salaries Primer 2017’ and the primer serves just the purpose to analyze overarching industry developments, especially in job creation.  The primer, an annual report, “analyses a variety of attributes that govern the dynamics of the employment market – skills, salaries, increments and longevity in 17 key industry sectors. The functional domains analyzed are Accounts, Administration Blue Collar, Support Services, Engineering, Human Resources, IT and Sales & Marketing while the locations covered are Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai...
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