Article: Gearing towards the future of talent with the right digital tools: CEIPAL

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Gearing towards the future of talent with the right digital tools: CEIPAL

Establishing an attractive EVP has become increasingly critical to any organization but to properly leverage an EVP, global leaders must first invest in the right digital tools for staffing. An AI-powered talent acquisition platform ensures that your value proposition will be matched and presented to the best available talent, creating a significant competitive advantage.
Gearing towards the future of talent with the right digital tools: CEIPAL

When asked about their top priorities in the coming year, 59% of respondents to a recent Gartner survey chose “building critical skills and competencies.” Of course there are two ways for organizations to achieve that goal:  upskilling talent that is already in place and acquiring new talent. The talent acquisition process comes with its own unique set of challenges – especially in a highly competitive and borderless talent hunt amidst the Great Resignation. What can leaders do better? What solutions can empower them to strengthen their talent pool?

AI-powered and advanced technological tools are a critical enabler in our digitally driven world. especially important as we continue to operate in a hybrid fashion under the threat of returning  to a fully remote working model, as new covid variants continue to emerge. Poised for this moment, CEIPAL’s AI-driven  approach provides a holistic solution to meet the recruitment needs of organisations looking to build a highly skilled workforce and to re-invent their organisational strategy. CEIPAL caters to both the recruiter and the candidate, and operates as a total talent management solution for Talent Acquisition teams. CEIPAL’s talent management platform includes advanced automation, engagement and analytical tools to manage the entire talent lifecycle. 

When we launched CEIPAL, we noticed a lack of solutions to meet the challenges of both customers and candidates. Most focused on one or the other and did neither particularly well. So, we set out to build an ecosystem from the ground up that would ensure satisfaction at both ends of the staffing equation, which has proven to be a recipe for success in today’s highly competitive environment,” shares Sameer Penakalapati, CEO, CEIPAL. 

Building a highly skilled workforce with great efficiency:

It is well known that business transformation is on the agenda of most leaders, and – as mentioned above – learning and upskilling as well as recruitment are all key components to that transformation. But, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the workplace environment is far from predictable with unprecedented challenges arising and evolving on a seemingly daily basis.

Thankfully, tech-based solutions have evolved just as quickly to play a critical role in empowering organisations to survive and thrive through these challenging circumstances – even in terms of hiring. 

CEIPAL  analyses an organisation’s data to give leaders and recruiters a clear picture of talent needs and ultimately drives placements by finding the best matched and most highly qualified talent available before the competition gets there. In addition to automation and data analytics, the platform provides staffing professionals with AI applicant ranking and matching, passive candidate sourcing, key business insights, and background checks among other features. It is a singular platform that caters to every individual process that comprises the overall talent management lifecycle.

Without a complete talent management platform, acquisition teams can only perform their work in silos. At CEIPAL, we’ve paired advanced technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence with data analytics and top-notch CRM tools to connect our customers with the best global talent available,” emphasises Amar Chadipirala, CTO, CEIPAL. 

Ensuring the best candidate experience and investing in an attractive EVP:

Following talent acquisition comes the critical process of retention. This process in itself has two distinct parts: it starts with candidate experience during the hiring process and continues with your EVP, the overall employee experience you offer. Retention is increasingly critical for company growth, as organizations strive to avoid a revolving door scenario in today’s highly competitive talent market. 

If you want the best talent, you have to provide candidates with a smooth and superior experience. Advanced technology can get staffing professionals to the talent long before the competition gets there, but if first impressions and on-going relationship management don’t match that speed of engagement, then what’s the point? CEIPAL not only provides the right tools to ensure a great candidate experience, but also automates the most mundane and redundant tasks for recruiters, so they can focus on what they’re good at: building the types of relationships that lead to more placements and better talent retention,” advises Subhash Potturi, VP-Sales and Operations. 

Candidate experience is ultimately what makes or breaks the placement process. An exceptional candidate experience is important for businesses to gain the edge in the talent wars. Automating redundant, mundane tasks will enable recruitment teams to focus on the “Human” element of the “Human Resources” function.

Additionally, with a dedicated portal for candidates, giving them visibility into the entire lifecycle, candidates are informed and engaged about the position for which they have applied. 

CEIPAL offers support not only through this gruelling process of recruitment and onboarding, but also for functions of a platform that automates all critical and routine HR operations. Time management, authorisation processes, and financial function are simplified, while employees are empowered to cater to a number of HR functions on their own. Turnaround time is quick, leaving  more time for more strategic tasks for an organisation’s growth and development. 

Investing in the right digital platform is crucial for the growth and success of any organisation. Business transformation is derived from HR transformation, which ensures a highly skilled and efficient leadership and workforce. CEIPAL is a one-stop digital solution that caters to the overall talent management lifecycle and ensures that you have the right people at your organization to meet today’s most daunting challenges. This platform is highly integrative in nature and will easily operate in conjunction with an organisation’s existing digital platforms. 

Data analytics - or people analytics in talent circles – is another critical component of CEIPAL’s solution. This provides insights into an organisation’s  potential talent needs. This provides  a viable trajectory of growth for your company, while also offering other critical business insights. 

The future is here and organisations must  be prepped. The opportunity to kickstart your business strategy in fresh, innovative ways requires an agile, flexible workforce. This is where CEIPAL shines, keeping organisations one step ahead of the competition when it comes to finding talent that is interested in and worthy of an organisation’s EVP. For the growth and development of companies hoping to meet today’s challenging circumstances, the future depends on it. 

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